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08-03-2013, 10:40 AM
Hello all,
I would like to open a new thread to discuss what handling everybody expects from games like The Crew, TDU1,2 etc.
It should not be like: "oh-I love the handling of game xyz", rather to be a little more precise.

Here are some examples from my point of view:

- Steering: the steering aids must have the option to be switched off.
I am very much annoyed about the steering aids in TDU2. It is in many cases the reason for accidents. You can experience this if you drive on one of the drive learning grounds.

Stop your car
turn wheels completely to one side
change view to external view and turn it with the mouse so you can see the car from the side
now accelerate slowly and continuously (no rear wheel spinning)
now you can see how the front wheels are slowly straighten out

- Auto Breaks:
again in TDU2 if the car is stopping the breaks are blocking - annoying! Put in the reverse gear - it feels like you have a foot on the breaks and would release it all of a sudden.

- View point setting (this is a very important point as it controls the driving sensation - negative and positiv):
Two important things:
1) make the swinging of the head in drive direction adjustable. The view point MUST be the direction the vehicle is moving. This could well be 90 degree to one side - this is natural behaviour. And the speed of the head movement must be adjustable - Slow to Fast
2) all viewpoints should have a zooming option - outside view should have a kind of "helicopter" view

- Screen Recording:
I would enjoy to have a kind of movie recording function