View Full Version : AC4 Versions???

07-26-2013, 05:08 PM
Yes, I've seen the Sticky- useless.

Is Assassins Creed IV going to be the same insane ridiculousness as ACIII was, in respect of what version to buy? What I mean is as far as ACIII went, there were 6 (or more?) versions- buy this, to get this! Buy that if you want that! We're going to offer so many versions, you won't know which end is up! UbI DRM? Steam DRM? Confused? Perfect!

So far, the Gamestop edition looks the most appealing to me, but are they going to release a Deluxe version that contains all the retailers unique stuff as they did with the 'Hidden Secrets' pack for ACIII? Anyone know?

Gawd forbid they simply make 3- vanilla', Deluxe, and Limited Edition, that would opf course include figure models, flags, art, and other needless nonsense.

Thank you