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04-02-2013, 12:43 AM

http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Outgunned (http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Outgunned)

Welcome, Assassins. The first "meeting" of the Assassin's Creed Mission Club will revolve around the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood mission titled "Outgunned". This is a Leonardo's Machines mission that focuses around Leonardo's "machine gun" cart, and involves infiltration, the destruction of plans, controlling the machine, and ultimately destroying it at the end. This mission is also known for Ezio's "Il mondo migliore senza di te!" quote, which translates to "The world will be better without you".

Remember, not only must you replay this mission directly before writing an analysis, but you must also beat this mission with and without the full synchronization requirement in mind. If you just so happen to complete it both times, that's fine. I really think that replaying the mission is integral to this project, because I don't want perspectives to be clouded by time or nostalgia.

The Full Synchronization restriction is "Burn the chariot design schematics without killing any guards."

Other things to think about before, after, and when writing about the mission:

-difficulty (along with how many attempts it took you to complete the mission with/without full synchronization)
-desynchronization parameters (do not be detected)
-the infiltration
-the layout and placement of guards
-the horse sequence
-the chariot sequence
-the controls on the gun
-mission length (overall and the individual parts)
-narrative elements (presentation and setup)
-the ability to use medicine on the chariot
-the results of having good or bad armor
-sound (music, sound effects, voice acting)
-anything else that stands out to you

This is just a bare-bones outline, so feel free to add and leave out things at your will.

How you break down the mission is up to you, but please include a detailed synopsis of your opinion. Don't just go through the checklist saying "good" or "bad". If you're going to write the review in an essay format rather than a segmented analysis, MAKE SURE YOU USE PLENTY OF PARAGRAPHS. Wall o' texts are no fun to read. Feel free to upload a commentated play-through if that's more your thing.

You can choose to give this level a numerical score if that helps you express yourself better, but I'd prefer a brief TL;DR at the end of your assessment regardless.

Also, I'm looking for someone to make a banner for this project. If you're into that kind of thing, please let me know.


The purpose of the Assassin's Creed Mission Club is similar to that of a book club; every two weeks or so I will start a thread, and instead of talking about a chapter of a book, we'd talk about a mission from one of the Assassin's Creed games. We'd mostly do missions from Brotherhood, Revelations, and AC3, since missions are most easily repayable and they are the main console games most people own.

We'd talk about the level design, difficulty, atmosphere, optional objectives/full synchronization requirements, and anything else of relevance. Would you have changed something? Would you have wanted more of a narrative element? Would you have made the optional objective mandatory or a mandatory restriction optional? Should it be longer or shorter? Was it perfect? What made it so good? There are many things to consider for what makes a mission "good" or "bad", and we'd try to cover all of that.

You would be required to replay the mission before talking about it so it would be fresh in your mind, and you'd have to complete the mission both with and without optional objectives in mind. I'd create an outline that anyone could use, but responses would be expected to be in paragraph form whether or not you use the outline. If you didn't have an opportunity to replay the mission, you could still chime in with an opinion, but please let us know that you haven't played it recently.

The mission would be given in advance so you'd have time to play and think about it, with the exception of the first one.


04-03-2013, 12:06 AM
All right, here's my take:

Full sync/difficulty:

The full sync requirement for this mission is extremely easy. I already learned that on my very first playthrough when I discovered you can avoid all the guards simply by crawling along the outer wall (facing towards the countryside). I did that again on this replay and got 100% sync on my first try. It's how I've pretty much always done the mission, so I decided to replay it again immediately afterwards, this time not worrying about the full sync. The mission is still easy, but I did get detected a couple of times and had to start over, partly due to faulty controls or AI (one guard started detecting me, I tried to air-assassinate him but Ezio simply jumped down next to him). If you don't care about full sync requirement, the mission is even easier even with the detection = desynch rule.

I wore only the most basic armor (the mandatory spaulders and boots) and didn't bother with medicine. During the carriage ride I was close to desynching a couple of times but proved once again that it's impossible to die in this game. I got the grey screen and a warning about health, but the game gave me ample time to get rid of all the enemies on screen, creating enough time for my last health square to regenerate.

Guards/player paths:

I wasn't happy that I had killed a couple of guards on my second attempt, so I decided to explore the map and look at all the different routes I could take besides my usual one. I was pleased to see how many different paths the player can take. Rooftops are a viable option, but you might have to risk killing a few archers. Circling all the way around the map is safest, but also takes the longest. The shortest path has more guards and their placement is pretty good. If you want to get through the shortest path without killing anyone, you have to pay close attention to the red dots on the mini-map and be mindful of the guards' patrol patterns. I was pretty miffed that I almost made it through without killing anybody until one seeker decided to investigate the haycart I was hiding in.
One thing I've never liked is that there's a set path for the player to take cover before the barrel explosion at the end of the first half. It seems completely unnecessary to create 4 different markers for the player to run through in just 10 seconds. They might as well have made it a cut scene.

Mission length:

The mission is a bit on the short side. I could have done with at least twice the amount of stealth sneaking before getting to blow stuff up.


I don't know if it's my mouse speed, but the gun feels very slow and unwieldy when aiming. I could have experimented with this by changing the mouse speed, but I couldn't be bothered. The sluggishness of the gun is really the only frustrating part of the whole mission to me. On previous playthroughs I've sometimes had trouble with the horse freezing up during the chase after the chariot. Didn't have those problems this time.

Final thoughts:

I still like this mission, even though it could be longer and harder (that's what she said :rolleyes: ). The number of approaches available to the player increases the mission's replayability. After exploring the map more than I usually do, I'm tempted to try as many possible ways to get to my objective as possible. There could be more guards actively patrolling around the area instead of just standing around. The map itself is very nice, I always take time to lean over the outer walls and take in the vast countryside. Some AI problems occasionally hamper the experience somewhat and the freedom in the first half of the mission merely underlines the fact that the carriage part will always feel exactly the same.

Score: 7.5/10

04-03-2013, 12:12 AM
Yesterday and I missed it ?? DAMM

gonna do it sometime tonight :|

04-03-2013, 01:34 AM
Yesterday and I missed it ?? DAMM

gonna do it sometime tonight :|
You can do it whenever you want within the next two weeks (or longer depending on how many/few responses we get). But of course I'd prefer if you could do it as soon as possible xD. I'm gonna try to get it done this weekend.

04-03-2013, 02:15 AM
-difficulty (along with how many attempts it took you to complete the mission with/without full synchronization)

While i wouldn't say this mission is diffiicult, it's challenging, specially if u try to do full synchronization. It costed me 1 attemp with and without full synchronization so....

-desynchronization parameters (do not be detected)

This is one of the worst part of the franchise, specially after killstreaks being introduced.... The combat system is so easy that it doesn't matter if you are fighting against 4 or 50 guards.... For example, the Asurf battle against the 15 templars was quite difficult. My point is, instead of instantly desynchronization they would call so many guards that you wouldn't be able to kill them (and if you would, you would feel like a complete badass), instead they had to directly forbid being detected to accomplish what they wanted.

-the infiltration & the layout and placement of guards

This is the best part of the mission IMO.... There just so many ways to infiltrate. I'm probably replaying this mission tomorrow to kill all the guards too :D
The harder guard is the brute arround the blue print but even if he detects you, you'll continue just after u destroyed the blue print and the guard won't be there.

-the horse sequence & the chariot sequence

Boring.... Just so lineal

-the controls on the gun

I don't know if it's because i've just bought a new mouse and am still trying to get sensibility to my likes, but i found controlling the gun quite annoying.... Sometimes it felt like it didnt want to move :/
Shooting with High Profile button is/was a stupid idea -.-

-mission length (overall and the individual parts)

I think that the infiltration could have been larger while controlling the machine gun could have been made shorter....

-the ability to use medicine on the chariot & the results of having good or bad armor

Useless, you can make the whole mission without getting shot.

-sound (music, sound effects, voice acting)

I didn't like the voice acting on this mission.... Ezio barely spoked while on the chariot and when he did, it felt like it was "cut" on both the start and the end of the quote, just like when i'm speaking on teamspeak and they activate the button too late and release it too early.

-anything else that stands out to you

I was forced to open the weapon menu to use the gun to destroy the barrels after the infiltration and then i was forced to run to a specific mark just because they felt so. It would have been better if you had to go to a marker and it would trigger a cutscene where you destroy the barrel and get cover.

04-03-2013, 02:39 AM
I was forced to open the weapon menu to use the gun to destroy the barrels after the infiltration and then i was forced to run to a specific mark just because they felt so. It would have been better if you had to go to a marker and it would trigger a cutscene where you destroy the barrel and get cover.

You don't have to open the weapon menu to shoot the barrels. You can just walk up to them and interact.

04-07-2013, 04:16 PM
Really? No-one else is doing this? I was looking forward to reading everyone's opinions on the mission. :(

04-07-2013, 05:20 PM
It surprises me how many people signed up for this and don't even post here. Wow.
Well, I didn't sign up for this, but having been replaying the series recently, I'll add my take on it. Just give me a few minutes to get this mission done again and I'll write my post.

04-07-2013, 06:16 PM
So, we begin with the introductory mission to the DaVinci machine series of sidequests. Sometimes I feel you could call AC:B "Sidequest: The game", and you'd probably be right. And this introductory mission to this particular chain of sidequests certainly shows why, as they're undoubtedly some of the better parts of the game. I'll go through level design, objectives and restrictions (including full sync), the horse and chariot sections, atmosphere, and finishing off with an overall opinion including my take on length.

Level Design:
Like every other War Machine mission, the first section of the level is stealth based. And this one managed to surprise me, meeting up my expectations for a good stealth section in the series. There are multiple paths to go through while avoiding all the guards. I tried a few, but my favorite path is probably the one sticking to the right side of the level. I will talk more about that when I get to the full sync objective. But yes, in terms of level design, this first part certainly does a really good job and works for the stealth section.
On the other hand, we have the horse/chariot section. This one is, for obvious reasons, linear, but it has enough fluidity to not feel like it drags on.

Objectives and restrictions:
We begin with the stealth section. Get the plans, blow the thing up. Simple enough, isn't it? Unfortunately, this is one of those times when forced stealth appears, which certainly peeves me. You have this great level design, why shove it down anyone's throat? I think that the optional objective had a good enough motivation for you to be stealthy and ghost through the first part. "Do not kill anybody before destroying the blueprints". That alone felt like a good motivation for stealth, but they had to go with that desynchronization (probably to make up for the lack of combat difficulty)
The second section is a lot more linear. It's basically get to the end and don't get killed. Nothing too difficult, and works well enough.

Horse and chariot section:
This entire chase, being the big setpiece of the mission, needs a section of its own. First part, you're chasing the chariot with the machinegun. Now, AC hasn't ever been known for having great horse controls, and this is no exception. I got stuck a few times for ridiculous reasons as the horse controls are as bad as usual. Nothing too bad, but annoying enough to be noticeable. Fortunately, that part comes to an end and we get control of the chariot. For a few seconds. The chariot itself is nothing noteworthy, it's such a short section it might as well not be there and you could just jump to the machinegun part.
That part is annoying. The controls for the machinegun are clunky and unwieldy, but it's still an easy enough section for it not to become a bother. And there is some satisfaction to be found in seeing guys drop from their horses after taking a bullet to the head.

The music sets the stage for this mission perfectly. Master Assassin works very, very well with the tension of the first section, while Florence Escape is reused for a pretty cool effect making the chase seem better than it really is. Sound wise, it works well enough.

Overall thoughts
A pretty good mission with some noticeable flaws. Good level design is hurt by a forced limitation, but even with that, the stealth section is good. The chase section is nothing amazing, but it has good music that makes it seem better than it is and it is short enough to not overstay its welcome. The mission overall works that way, long enough to be fun, but not enough to overstay its welcome. It does serve as a good introduction to the War Machine sidequests.
Overall, I'd give it a 7.5/10 if I had to give it a numeric score.

04-11-2013, 10:54 PM
The Infiltration (Difficulty, De-Synchronization Parameters and 100% Synch)

When avoiding the desynchronization requirement, I was able to complete this mission without a problem. Once you kill a few guards in key spots, you can pretty much just run from one haystack to the other until you reach the blueprints. I found that not killing guards made the mission much more interesting and challenging (I desynched twice before figuring it out). Without fundamentally changing the way desynchronization works, I'd say that the "Do Not Be Detected" requirement served its purpose. I would've liked the full-synch requirement to be mandatory, but there would definitely needed to be a narrative explanation (or else, why shouldn't you kill people?). I did not travel around the perimeter of the level either time, but there seemed to be multiple paths to victory, which is very good. I thought the level was quite fun, but I found myself desiring to use AC3 stealth mechanics such as the wall-peak. Unfortunately, this part was very short, and it could've stood to be three times as long. Still, I understand that this was only meant to be a side-mission.

The Horse Sequence

The horse chase was completely pointless. I understand the need for scripted sequences once in a while, but you literally just run in a straight line. There are barriers but if you run into them, the game kind of just pushes you in the right direction anyway. You can get hit by the gun...but not really? I don't think it's possible for the chariot to kill you during this part. It should've just been a cut-scene (but much shorter, obviously).

The Chariot Sequence

Personally, I really dislike when we have to control carriages, cannons, or anything else outside of the main character's body in AC. That being said, I actually didn't mind this one. The gun controlled well enough (I played it on the XBox 360... apparently PC users had issues?), and it was fun controlling such a destructive device during a time where the baddest weapon was a matchlock. The first time I played this part, I was getting low in the health, but a combination of armor and medicine use make that a non-issue. The second time, I did not get hit more than once. I would say that this should've been more challenging, but considering that this requires first-person shooter skills and AC is a third-person action game, I think the challenge is better reserved for somewhere else. Also, "The world will be better without you" is a super badass line.


As soon as you jump in, a more subdued version of "Master Assassin" starts playing. I love how brooding the Brotherhood soundtrack is, and this track is no exception. It gives the impression that ****'s going down, but it's not up-beat or urgent, which really suits this infiltration. The lighting and location look nice, and although you can't explore the Italian countryside, it's very nostalgic.

Overall, I quite liked this mission. Keeping the full-synchronization requirement in mind, I found this to be one of the most fun infiltrations in the game. The options were varied and guards were vigilant. The horse part was useless, and I'm still not a fan of controlling devices in AC. Even so, I'd say the infiltration portion is enough to make this level something to look forward to if ever replaying Brotherhood.

04-12-2013, 01:33 PM
well, i wasn't expecting a mission i hadn't played to be the first mission to rate and judge. as such, i feel that i am not adequate material to judge this one. sorry.

04-12-2013, 07:22 PM
I dunno how I missed this? I check in every day, and somehow missed this thread completely. Will boot up the game shortly... :3

04-12-2013, 07:53 PM
well, i wasn't expecting a mission i hadn't played to be the first mission to rate and judge. as such, i feel that i am not adequate material to judge this one. sorry.
It's okay if you haven't played it before. It'd be nice to get a fresh perspective. Going back to a mission that you played a while ago isn't what I'm emphasizing, I just want to make sure the level was played recently.

04-12-2013, 08:07 PM
It's okay if you haven't played it before. It'd be nice to get a fresh perspective. Going back to a mission that you played a while ago isn't what I'm emphasizing, I just want to make sure the level was played recently.

Maybe he means he hasn't played ACB at all.

04-12-2013, 09:04 PM
Alright, here goes my review of Outgunned. First, an apology - I just can't not play these things without the full synch requirement in mind, regardless of how annoying they may or may not be. I hope that's alright.

Onto the Review:

What I Did: I had gotten 100% on this one in my first playthrough. That feels like ages ago now and I remember desynching a few times before figuring out a way to get full synch. Playing through it again, it only took me a few moments pondering in the first haystack to recall the path I took, so the all clear didn't take me long to get at all. In any case, it was really nice to be my favorite aged Ezio again - even if he was in the weird looking armor of Brutus. (I was always partial to Florentine Scarlet robes and Seusenhofer armor in this game. I'll be using those for any future Club missions in AC:B) Anyway, after the first leap of faith I walked Ezio over towards the walled cliff and waited for the guard to step away from it. Then I had Ezio toss himself over the side and shimmy all the way across until the side of a building prevented him using the wall to go further. A little patience provided the the clearance I needed to boost him up onto the roof of this building without anyone seeing him. After that, I had him make his way carefully across the rooftop towards the plans. A short dive into a haystack on his right saved him from being noticed by one of the roof guards who had sprouted a yellow sign, but after that it was just a matter of waiting for the right backs to be turned and scurrying over another wall to get to the target without killing anyone.

The Good: I really enjoyed the stealthiness of this mission and the setting. Trying to get things done without detection in broad daylight is always fun. Meanwhile, the machine gun part of the mission reminded me a great deal of a certain similar mission in RDR. The only difference being, I had more fun with this one, and in that one I died a lot. I have to say, I had a much better time of it going through again than I remember having the first time I got to that point. But both times, I had a lot of fun with it. I especially liked Ezio complaining to the horses while he's trying to shoot people. Very entertaining.

The Bad: I suspect this may come up a lot. But the Detection meaning desynch is just annoying. In a way it almost makes it difficult NOT to get the full synch in this particular mission and, well, I'm just not a fan of it in general. I'd of preferred if detection meant you'd have to fight the whole stinkin' fort or something. That makes more sense to me, and would of made the mission more challenging.

The Ugly: The horseback segue. While I love horseback riding in almost every game its in, AC's horseback mechanics have always left something to be desired for me. In this particular mission, you have no freedom on the horse. You're simply steering and holding down the gallop button, and no matter how well you steer, you won't catch up until the game wants you to. Meh.

My (DMC3 style!) Rating for AC:B Outgunned: Blast!

04-12-2013, 09:10 PM
Maybe he means he hasn't played ACB at all.
Oh, maybe.

First, an apology - I just can't not play these things without the full synch requirement in mind, regardless of how annoying they may or may not be. I hope that's alright.

That's perfectly fine. Thanks for the review!

04-19-2013, 05:12 PM
I know bumping is frowned upon...but would anyone else like to give this a shot? M, you still haven't done it yet...

04-26-2013, 01:32 AM
i probably wont be able to play ACB again for a long while :|

I think it`s age, game no longer works....it freezes after pressing start

strangely...AC II seems to be working fine -_-

04-26-2013, 01:53 AM
Are we going to have a new mission soon?

04-26-2013, 02:17 AM
Are we going to have a new mission soon?
Yes, I'll post it in a few days. I was just trying to see if anyone else would give it a shot before since only 5 people (including myself) did it. >.<

04-26-2013, 02:30 AM
I do hope the next one will have more peole participating. I think it's a fun idea.

04-26-2013, 02:46 AM
I`m sorry about this mission :(

05-11-2013, 12:01 PM
Difficulty/full sync
I got a full sync on my first try. The stealth is pretty easy in this mission but i enjoyed it more than in most missions. The full sync objectives usually tend to fell pointless and tacked on but here I liked it. It felt like it enhanced the stealth. Chasing the carriage is very easy. They guy shooting did not hit me once. In general it feels impossible to die by losing all your health.

Like i said the stealth was fine. The horse chase and controlling the carriage parts were boring. The gun felt awkward to use. It was slow and unwieldy. It was fun shooting horseman after I got used to the controls.

The stealth part could have been a bit longer and the gun part dragged.

I enjoyed this mission. The stealth and full sync objectives were good. The shooting while a bit awkward was in the end fun. It was good introduction to the war machine missions. I`d say it was actually my favourite war machine mission.

05-11-2013, 10:55 PM
Thanks for making this your first post!

Okay, so sorry about the delay, but I was distracted by finals. I decided to create a poll to decide which game the next mission will be from. Voting will end Sunday, and I'll post a new thread on Monday.


05-11-2013, 11:24 PM
I lurked the forums for a while now and this topic caught my eye. I always enjoyed reading peoples thoughts on gameplay in the games I like. It`s interesting to see how varied opinions can be on certain things. It was disappointing to see that not many people participated. Hope the next one will attract more people.;)

05-11-2013, 11:46 PM
voted ACR

05-17-2013, 12:47 AM
Sorry for being late again. The next mission will be from ACR, and I'll create the thread within the next few days. I can't give you a definite answer, so just keep an eye open!

And if anyone is interested in doing this mission before we move on, you still have time!

08-09-2013, 01:09 AM
Still waiting on the second mission...

I will submit mine in a minute (gotta replay the mission)

08-09-2013, 01:47 AM
Still waiting on the second mission...

I will submit mine in a minute (gotta replay the mission)
Thank you for reviving this. In case anyone wants to get a head start, the next mission will be from Revelations. The mission is Sequence 6: Memory 3: Bearer of Mixed Tidings. This is another infiltration mission, and I'm interested in a little bit of comparison between the games. Mission Club 03 will likely be an infiltration mission from AC3.