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04-01-2013, 07:49 AM
Hi I have been viewing these forums for awhile but i rarely comment and i never made a thread.
im having a buttload of trouble getting THE INFILTRATOR challenge, ( get 200 points during manhunt, from everything i can tell it must be consecutively) im almost completely finished with challenges, but i have only 10/200 on this, whenever i join a game i seem to get close but whether the other team is prestige players or total noobs, regardless of ability combos i try, they always knock me out of hiding before i get to 200!
Also need help with THE QUICK THINKER ( counter a ranged attack, bomb or teleport), im not sure i understand this entirely, i keep using wipe in multiple modes, i wipe them and kill them, but i never get points toward this challenge.
im only 4/50 with no idea what im really doing.
any suggestions would be awesome thanks. I will be searching threads but id like some fresh ideas too and lets face it these are slow forums its not like one topic is holding up the front page.

04-01-2013, 09:55 AM
INFILTRATOR (Get 200 hidden points in MH)
One thing that really helps with this challenge is to have 3 friends to group up with. This is mainly because it is a lot quicker to get 200 point with 4 people hiding instead of just by yourselves (exactly 1/4 as quickly). With friends on your team, you can ensure everybody is hiding as oppose to playing with randoms where everybody sort of doing their own things. On top of this, there are several tips to keep pursuer away long enough to get those 200 hidden points:

Get into a moving blend group and use morph (additionally, have all teammates hiding in that blend group). Pursuer tend to take a lot more time to single out targets in moving blend group rather than stationary ones. This strategy works best mid-match, reducing the chance that pursuer have abilities to disband the blend group (firecracker, moneybomb) or single you out (wipe). In another word, if you do this first thing on a defense round, all of your pursuers have their abilities available.
Use abilities that allow you to deter your pursuer without giving yourself away. Abilities like Tripwire Bomb, Decoy, Bodyguard. These abilities would buy you those precious seconds to reach the 200 points. Works best if your teammates are doing the same as well.
If you are paired up with random, try to separate yourself from the rest of the team so you can hide on the other side of the map. Hope that all of your pursuers are occupied with your other teammates long enough for you to get those 200 points.

QUICK THINKER (Wipe player who is aiming a range weapon or throwing an ability or teleporting)
This is one of the most uncleared challenge in AC3. I had a hard time understanding it myself at first. It basically is to denied somebody else's ability while they are aiming it. In another words, you know how with throwable abilities (like Tripwire, Smokebomb, Firecracker, Wipe, etc.) you can hold down L2/R2 or LT/RT to aim, and how with ranged weapon you can hold down triangle/Y to aim, the persona would go into one of three aiming stances. This challenge wants you to wipe someone while they are in these stances. In addition to that, wiping people who are teleporting also counts towards the challenge.

The easiest way to do it is to have one of you friends follows you into a lobby and aim something at you until you wipe them. I know it kinda cheating (or one could even say it's boosting) but honestly without doing this, I don't think I could've completed this challenge. Very rarely you can wipe somebody who is throwing/shooting something at you. Mainly because when they do shoot/throw something at you, they usually do it from far away. Even crafting your Wipe for maximum radius doesn't help that much. The next best thing is to Wipe somebody who is teleporting in AA. It's doable but it is hard. On average I'd get one done per 5 matches. I found that you have better/more frequent chances to wipe teleporters in a high prestige lobby compared to low level lobby (because high prestige tends to smokebomb-teleport). Also, crafting Wipe for maximum cooldown and equipping Boost Cooldown for loss bonus helps with the challenge.

Other helpful facts:

The player doesn't have to be aiming/throwing something at you. You could wipe somebody who is aiming their gun at somebody else and still get the challenge.
If you wipe two players (who are aiming or teleporting) at the same time, it still counts as one towards the challenge.
You don't have to kill/stun the wiped player to get the challenge i.e. it doesn't have to be your target/pursuer.

Anyways, good luck to you! :)

04-03-2013, 05:44 AM
With infiltrator, I would morph a crowd then move to another group and throw on disguise (max duration). Your group will probably move to the morphed crowd, but so will the seekers. Stay at a distance that you can still collect blend points. When the smoke and fists start flying, stay put until you get 200. Anything more is not counted. You could even hide behind boxes or poles so that you are not noticed when your disguise wears off. I've had luck with the moving group also.

Quick Thinker is a pain. Not many I've played use teleport. I use wipe a lot on the small maps hoping to catch someone.