View Full Version : Kill the dj is Assassin's creed!

03-15-2013, 09:03 PM
So i've been listening to green day's Kill the DJ and the lyrics,most of them,sound like AC,with a little bit of imagination:
Walkin' after dark
In the New York City park
-ACIII of course,New York

Your thoughts are so unholy
In the holiness of old
-It sounds like he's talking to the Assassin,who is thinking about the assassination,and murder is breaking one of the Ten Commandments by god described in the bible...

On with Christian soldiers
Filled with jivin' mind control
-According to history,Templars were basically corrupted christian soldiers led by a powerful leader

The blood left on the dance floor
Runnin', runnin' red
-The spilled blood of the soldiers killed by the assassin in a small area,the "Dance floor"

The bullet that you asked for
Killin' you to death
-talking to the Templar,who chose that path and basically asked to get killed by an assassin (Connor or Edward,since they use guns more than Ezio or Altair

Someone kill the DJ, shoot the f****** DJ
Someone kill the DJ, shoot the f****** DJ
-This might be a little tricky...the DJ "commands the party" and try to think of the world like a huge party,therefore the DJ is a metaphore for a templar "Someone kill the Templar,,shoot the f****** Templar...

We are the vultures
The dirtiest kind
-Assassin brotherhoood

We'll cut you once
In your heart and your mind
-I think this one is pretty clear

I'll pick up what's left in the club
My pocket full of pills
Sodom and Gomorrah
In the century of thrills
-This has nothing to do with AC

1st of all.please don't go,not sure what the song is really about,i read somewhere that it's about drugs,but this is just my own interpretation,if you don't like it don't insult it's not healthy :D :)