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03-12-2013, 02:30 PM
Will be updated to reflect the faster pace of combat in the first few days - in fact, it is no longer possible to do a quest per fight. Sinnie

This thread will allow you to plan ahead to complete the quests and provide advice on how to complete them. The aim of this guide is to allow you to complete 1 quest per fight (thus completing them in the maximum possible time). I assure you that it is possible

Bear in mind that some quests will need ideal NPC compositions in order for you to complete the quest as quickly as possible. Planning ahead is vital.

Remember: You must win the fight to complete the quest, always
Use the battle calculator: http://www.hommk.net/jack/fight.html

Quest descriptions obtained from Hellsworn

1) Select a zone to free and organize your army so that at least one of your stacks gains a combat bonus against an enemy stack.

- This is the most basic element of success in fighting, it wants you to obtain the 50% unit type bonus by using archers against infantry, infantry against cavalry or cavalry against archers. You should be doing this in every fight.

2) Combat system: Select a zone to free and organize your army into at least three stacks. Don't forget to look at the combat report so you can learn from it. [Reward T2]

- This is very simple to achieve. Pick any NPC square and organise your army to beat them. If you only have 1 or 2 stacks participating, then create a 3rd stack of 1 Tier 1 unit and voila, completed.

3) Knowing your units: Select a zone to free and organize your army so that one of your stacks wins a round with just enough force (10% error margin). [Reward T3]

This quest is asking you to use one stack of units to win a round of combat so that the remaining units at the end of that one round have no more than 10% of the combat power that they had at the start of that one round. So, if you send 1,000 army power of archers against a stack of infantry, at the end of the round, you must have less than 100 army power of archers left (i.e. 1 archer). This does not include for the 50% unit type bonus, but may include hero bonuses. So an 80 power unit would remain 80, and not 120 (from the 50% bonus).

Using Tier 1 or 2 units is essential. Because Tier 3 units often have an individual power greater than 10% of the entire stack - due to you having fewer of them.

You want to find a large stack of enemy units so that you can send a large force of Tier 1 or 2 units and end that one round with only a few units alive, thus easily completing the quest.

4) Smiting your enemies: Select a zone to free, organize your army so that at least one of your units overrun at least one enemy unit. Be victorious! [Reward T1 and T3]

- To score an overrun your stack must benefit from a large enough bonus that the enemy stacks power is less than that bonus. So, if you have 1,000 power of archers against 400 power of cavalry, your bonus of 500 gives 1,500 power Vs 400.

1,500 - 400 = 1,100. This does not deplete the bonus of 500 gained, thus, no units are killed and you have overrun your enemy. The best way to achieve this is to either:

- Pick an NPC square which has a small stack in it, then send a massive force of units in one stack that will benefit from the 50% bonus
- Pick a stack within an NPC army and use one of your stacks to severely weaken it, then use a second stack who have the 50% bonus to overrun them

5) Hero influence on combat: Select a zone to free, a hero with at least 6 in attack, and an army, then win the combat. [Reward T1 & T3]

- This requires you to have planned ahead. If you are using one hero to fight NPC's and you are completing one quest per fight, then only that hero will be level 3 at this point (may need to scout once or twice). The only way for a level 3 hero to have 6 attack is to have the 'fanatic attack' trait. You will need to have one of these heroes, or you will have to wait and level up a hero to 5 or 6.

6) Losses after combat: Select a zone to free, and organize your army so that at least one of your stacks is defeated. [Reward T2 and T3]

- Simple, and guaranteed to happen in almost any fight.

7) Maximizing Experience: Select a zone to free and gain a victory that modifies your honor by at least 30%. [Reward T4]

- Make use of the battle calculator; this will tell you your honour percentage and prevent you from making a mistake. You will need to select an ideal NPC square. You want the enemy army size to be large enough, and also to contain several stacks of the same unit type - allowing you to send one, smaller stack and deal correspondingly more damage, as you will benefit from the 50% bonus as much as possible. 30% isn't too hard to achieve, but you won't be able to do it with just any random NPC square

8) Creature characteristics: Select a zone to free, organize your army and try to obtain a crushing victory. [Reward T2 and T4] (crushing victory = major victory)

- Victory types consist of 2 criteria: The smaller the force you use, the better and the fewer losses you incur the better. To do this, it is similar to the previous quest, you want an enemy that you can utilise one stack with the 50% bonus as much as possible, but you also need to consider your losses. Overrunning much of the enemy army can compensate for the larger force needed or using a smaller force and barely winning can result in the losses being small enough. You have to find the right NPC square and the right army composition. If you plan to overrun, then fighting an army of low tier units is best.

Another tip to mimise losses (which is refferring to the amount disbanded at the end of the fight, not those lost in combat): You lose 30% of all routed troops. Thus, 6 units per stack will result in 1 unit routed. This is the maximum stack size to result in only 1 routing. 9=2, 12=3 etc.. Using lots of smaller stacks to weaken an enemy and suffering fewer losses can make a big difference. It is common to see armies consisting of 6,6,6,6,12,9

9) Using the power of Magic: Select a zone to free, select a hero with a magic characteristic and magic profession

- Again, some planning needed. You will only have 2 or 3 heroes at this point. Make sure one of them has magic stats and has learnt a magic class and that you have a magic guild. Don't forget, we're only on day 2 or 3 here, you will need it built very early. The spell must also affect the enemy in some way (or yourself), in other words, reducing the defense of the non-existent enemy hero will not work.

10)Select a zone to free, and a hero with a high attack value, and win the combat with at least one heroic overrun.

- This is more complicated than the previous overrun quest, it wants you to overrun one enemy stack using a stack of the same type (infantry vs infantry). The theory being that the bonus from your hero's stats is high enough (which it won't be).

But it is easier than you think. Select your target stack; you want them to be the same type as your strongest stack. Let's say you are using your large infantry stack to overrun an enemy infantry stack, now, use a stack of archers to weaken the infantry so they have only 1 or 2 units left, then use the massive infantry stack to effect an overrun. Your target will want to be Tier 1 or 2 (maybe 3) as you want to leave as little power alive as possible - 1 Tier 1 = 80, but 1 tier 4 = 600.

11) Use a magic object: Equip one of your heroes with an object that gives a bonus to your creatures or spells, then select a zone to free and win the combat. [Reward T5]

- Simply a game of luck. Often I have just got an artifiact capable of completing the quest. This round, I got 4 useless ones and was stuck for days. This quest is the most vital as those Tier 5 units will make everything so much easier. Remember, the artifiact must have an active effect in that fight (increasing attack/magic stats - possibly defense works too, or buffing your magic). It is unclear exactly what effects count, a defense buffing artifiact might count, an artifiact buffing level 3 spells (that you don't have) might count.