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I haven’t played season 3 much and have only had a quick read through of the developer journals but have tried to update the FAQ for season 4. Therefore please post corrections or suggest questions to add.

I’ve also listed a few things I don’t fully understand to ask for your information! - Sinnie

This FAQ is currently up-to-date (14/03/2013)

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Q: What is a city?
A: Each player begins with one city; they serve as the base for all your actions in the game. Each city controls a number of squares around itself which constitutes your territory and is related to your domination rating. You construct buildings in your city which allow you to recruit new units, heroes, generate gold and learn magic. Achieving the thresholds in the three rankings (Domination, Wealth and Honour) unlocks new slots that allow you to control more cities.

Q: What are heroes?
A: A hero functions like a real-life general and leads an army into combat. They have 3 statistics: Attack, Defence and Magic, each hero belongs to a class that defines how they gain points in those statistics – different actions utilise these statistics to boost your army’s effectiveness. Each hero increases in levels by gaining XP from most actions up to a maximum of level 40 and earns 1 skill point for each level, these can be spent learning up to 3 careers which consist of 3-4 skills; each skill has 3 levels. Your heroes can also collect artefacts from defeated NPC’s in your region or by buying them from other players; they increase the effectiveness of your hero’s spells, skills or attributes.

Q: What is a region?
A: A region consists of the 24 squares surrounding your city that contain 4 mines and 20 squares of NPC infested forest. This is the only area directly under control of your city; you must clear the NPC’s from the mines so that they produce resources for your city and then clear all the forests to gain XP, resources and artefacts – you can then construct special buildings in those squares to improve your city.

Q: Who are my units?
A: Each faction has access to 7 units plus a siege weapon. There are three categories of units: INFANTRY who gain a 50% power bonus over CAVALRY who gain a 50% bonus over RANGED who have a 50% bonus over INFANTRY. Each faction have unique units that range from the most basic (Tier 1) to the most powerful and expensive (Tier 7).

Q: What is an alliance?
A: Up to 30 players can band together and form an alliance, they are led by one player with 3 chiefs (army, merchant and spy), an alliance combines the territory of all the member cities and provides bonuses to offence, defence, trading and other actions. Only an alliance can trigger the end-game on a server and complete the ultimate objective to bring the world to an end.

Q: What are the quests?
A: You will receive many quests during the game, initially these serve to teach you the different aspects and mechanics of the game, and then they move to providing you with a set challenge that you must work to achieve. You will earn varying rewards for completing them.


Q: How many cities can I control?
A: You begin the game with 1 city and unlock new slots by achieving the thresholds in domination, wealth and honour. To unlock your second city you must achieve threshold 2 in either domination, wealth or honour, the third threshold unlocks the third slot and so on. Once you have achieved a threshold in one rank (e.g. domination) then achieving the same threshold in the other two will not grant another slot. It does not matter which rank achieves the threshold first.

The rankings grant you a total of 10 cities. Holding all the grails will grant you a total of 13.

As a non-subscriber you have an additional time restriction that limits the number of cities and heroes you can own; 3 is the limit for the first 75 days, when it increases to 4. It then increases with each passing time limit

Q: Why do I not have the option to build a certain building?
A: Each building requires your city to be of a certain level and some require other buildings to have been built first – generally if the building is an upgraded version of another; for example, a capitol requires a city hall.

Q: What determines my city level?
A: Each building provides 1 level to your city, except for resource silo's 2-10.

Q: What determines my cities area of control?
A: The 3-day average of the domination value of troops in that city plus the value of the domination from the buildings constructed in that town.
You can find the domination value of buildings here: http://www.hommk.net/jack/buildings.html

The value is then compared to the following table:

Q: What is the difference between upgrading and improving?
A: Upgrading provides a flat bonus to a mines production (1 rare, 2 common or 2,000 gold) whereas improving provides the flat bonus plus 5% improved production per level of improvement (total of 45% more production). However, once you have upgraded once, you will be unable to improve again unless you downgrade the mine to the last level you improved to.

Q: Can I build more than 1 research building of the same type?
A: No, you can only have 1 research building of each type per town

Q: Why am I paying maintenance? Why has my income been reduced?
A: Each of your towns can hold a certain number of troops, once that threshold is passed then you will pay a small amount of gold to accommodate those extra troops in your town. Your income buildings (town hall, city hall, capitol and grail building) increase those thresholds, while the regional building (fields) also increases the amount of troops you can hold before maintenance is paid by 10%. The landlord skill 'Round of drinks' decreases the maintenance costs by 3/6/9% while each Sphinx owned reduces the costs by 5%. There is a hard cap of 50% maintenance reduction.
The whole maintenance values can be found here: http://wiki-mightandmagicheroeskingdoms.ubi.com/en/maintenance-season-4

If you are unable to pay your maintenance costs (you have 0 gold in your city) then you will begin to lose troops who abandon you due to non-payment, this will occur until your maintenance costs fall below your income or you have gold in the city; you will also lose some wealth points each time you are unable to pay the maintenance costs.

There are no maintenance costs during the night

Q: Which rare resources do I need?
A: Each faction has one main rare resource and a secondary. But you will need the other rare resources for your mage guilds and trading:

Academy: Gems (primary) and Sulphur (Secondary)
Haven: Crystal (primary) and Gems (secondary)
Inferno: Sulphur (primary) and Mercury (secondary)
Necropolis: Mercury (primary) and Crystal (secondary)
Sylvan: Gems (primary) and Mercury (secondary)

Q: What do I do if I have too many resources in one city?
A: Each city that has constructed a marketplace has access to a caravan which can move resources between 2 cities, you can also construct relays as a regional building that will automatically move a percentage of that towns production of one resource to a nominated city. Upgrading the resource silos increase the number of common and rare resources you can hold, the storehouse regional building significantly increases this number and can also be specialised. Town hall, city hall and capitol increase the amount of gold you can hold (500,000, 750,000 and 1,000,000)

Q: What happens if I send resources/ranking reward/quest reward to a city that does not have room for it?
A: Unfortunately, any resources or units that could not be accommodated will be lost permanently.

Q: What is mine requistioning? Can I get more resources quickly?
Mine requisitioning is possible if you buy the requisite item with seals. This allows you to automatically gain the future resource output of that mine (for a time period determined by the item bought) with a penalty of losing 25% of that output (so if a mine would produce 12 resources, your requisition would lose 25% (4) and give you 8). The mine must not be damaged and must not be undergoing improvement or upgrade

Q: Can I build more than 1 regional creature dwelling?
A: No, only 1 dwelling of each type per city, but it can be upgraded.

Q: Can I abandon/destroy a city?
A: An item, purchasable by seals allows you to destroy a city. But you can get rid of towns for free by gifting them to players in your alliance. For further information on the requirements press the Give City button.

Q: What are the requisites for giving a city?
A: You can see them explained once you press the Offer this city to an ally icon on your city (at the right of your city name). You can choose the player you want to give the city and check which of them are fulfilled and which are not.

Q: Why are there no resources in the auction house?
A: The auction house covers an area of 30 squares (60 for subscribers) around your city - so it will change for each of your cities. If there is nothing on it, then no one in the area is trying to buy or sell anything

Q: The hero I want isn’t in the tavern! How many times can I re-roll?
A: If the specific hero you want isn’t in the tavern then you can re-roll to get two new choices, the cost of this doubles each time you re-roll (until you recruit one, then it is reset to 200); you must also wait 24 hours in between re-rolls. You can re-roll as many times as you like but the cost will become prohibitively expensive.

Q: Why does it cost so much to settle a new town?
A: When settling within your alliance borders the cost remains constant wherever you chose to settle, and increases with the number of towns you own. However, if you settle outside your borders then the cost grows exponentially for each square away from the departing city.

Q: How can I re-name a town?
A: Open up the build screen for the town and in the bottom right hand corner the town name is displayed, click the pencil icon to change the name.

Q: Does the 20% bonus granted by a field to a regional creature dwelling stack?
A: Yes, you can build 1 in each of the 4 adjacent squares around the dwelling for a maximum of 80% increased effect


Q: How do I invite or expel members from my alliance?
A: Open your alliance page > Manage > Type player name in the invite or expel box and click OK

Q: How do I change the leader of my alliance?
A: Open your alliance page > Manage > Alliance head box. Click the arrow to the right of the box to change the alliance leader.

Q: What does a free passage pact mean?
A: A free passage pact allows members of the allied alliance to move through your territory without halting as normal. They can not settle towns inside your territory, but they can break sieges laid on any of your cities. Also it prevents you attacking, pillaging or scouting the members of the allied alliance. Beware, an alliance that you have a pact with CAN break your sieges on other players, but you can not attack their halts.

Q: What do alliance abilities do?
A: You have a total of 3 abilities which level up with the ranks of the alliance. Each one lasts 24 hours and has a cool down of one week. Triggering the ability provides the benefit for all members.

Q: A bigger alliance is attacking us and there is nothing we can do!
A: The first thing to remember is that you’re here to have fun, so do your best and don’t give up. Try out a few different strategies and work together as a team and learn from the experience, it will make you stronger next time.
Remember that there is always a next time, it might be the next season, but it will come. Learn all you can, build up a bond with your alliance and come back next time.

Now, for some real advice:

- Build higher tier units, and build up 1 or 2 stacks of units instead of lots of smaller stacks, they will be harder to kill
- Move your units around when an attack is incoming. If you can’t win the fight, don’t risk losing units in a no-hope situation
- Build forts to protect your mines, and forts/citadels/castles for defense.
- Build cities away from the border so that they have to halt and you have a better chance to defeat their armies - these cities are less likely to be pillaged and some of your income will be untouched
- When they pillage you, pillage them back. This will mean they are defenceless (but make sure they don’t leave a large enough army behind)
- Don’t. Ever. Halt.
- Communicate, work together on a strategy. You can achieve a lot if you play as a team
- Pick on their weaker members
- Ignore the development of your front line cities and work on creating a strong, un-pillaged economy with your safe cities
- Analyse their tactics and adapt. Form stacks of units that are strong against their strongest stacks

Q: How many members can we have in our alliance?
A: You start off with a limit of 20, which increases by 2 each rank to a total of 30. Strategic worlds have alliances starting with a max of 30.

Q: I don't like the colour our alliance is, can we change it?
Yes, but don't ask me how

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Heroes and Artifacts

Q: How does my hero gain stats in attack/defence/magic?
A: Your hero will gain these stats automatically on levelling up. Hovering over the stat will tell you about your hero’s progression in that stat. Different classes of hero have different progressions

Q: Why can’t my hero perform an action (improve/upgrade/learn a skill)?
A: Make sure your hero is the right level, and has no army attached to them

Q: Can I have 2 heroes with the same skill (i.e. Gold digger)?
A: Yes, more than one hero can have a skill, but if both heroes are in the same city then only the highest bonus will be applied. So, if you have a hero with level 2 gold digger their bonus will be applied over a hero with level 1. But, if the heroes are in separate cities then they will both apply their bonuses

Q: Do the bonuses from a hero's skills only affect that hero's actions?
A: Yes. If the skill is one that affects the hero's attack/defence/magic/scouting then only that hero will benefit from the stats. If the skills affect the town, such as, troop production/resources/market etc then it will only affect the town which that hero is in. The exception is the skill to give new hero's extra skill points which works in all cities no matter where the hero is.

Q: Are artefact/skill bonuses additive on a hero?
A: Yes, if you have a hero with 15% reduced mine improve time and 10% reduced mine improve time then they will have a total of 25% reduction. Skill bonuses and artefact bonuses will all stack into one single bonus as well.

Q: What does the artefact level mean? What does it mean when it says my hero is not the right level?
A: Your hero level determines the artefacts that can be equipped to him, the sum of all artefacts equipped to him must be of equal or less level than the hero’s level. So, if your hero is level 9 the total artefact level he can hold is 9 and if you try to add artefacts which sum of levels is 10, then you won't be able to wear the last one you assign to him.

Q: What does re-specing my hero do?
A: It takes 2 days to re-spec your hero and they will lose 2 of their skill points permanently. But you can then reassign all of the points as you wish - and it is done instantly. That applies to the points you have spent before the re-spec; any other unused points will still take time to learn. An item bought with seals allows you to respec without the restrictions.

Q: Can I dismiss a hero?
A: Yes, you can. The cost of the new hero reduces to the cost of getting the previous hero (3rd hero costs 6,000. If you dismiss your 3rd hero, then the new hero will cost 6,000 again). But, the new hero will not come with any new troops.

Q: How do I dismiss a hero?
A: Hero profile -> Skills -> Dismiss

Q: Which magic spells can I learn?
A: Each faction has 2 magic classes (Inferno: Destruction/Dark, Haven: Light/Dark, Necropolis: Summoning/Dark and Academy: Light/Summoning). A town's magic guild will only ever produce spells relating to it's faction (2 level 1-4's per mage guild level and 1 level 5 - with a total of 4 level 1-4's and 2 level 5's available). Then, a hero can only ever learn the magic classes relating to their faction. Therefore, the only way to learn a magic class not available to your starting faction is to capture a different factions town, the tavern there will then provide you with heroes of that faction, allowing you to access their magic. Note: Each level 5 mage guild (excluding the first) with the same spell increases the effectiveness of that spell by 5%.

Q: What can I do with a jailed hero?
A: You can only release the hero back to the player (and can charge a small ransom fee: 1,000 gold X hero level).


Q: Is there a maximum number of units I can have waiting to be recruited?
A: No, but once the stockpile reaches 10 times the daily growth (150 stockpiled with a daily growth of 15) then the growth is halved. If you reach 20 times the daily growth, then growth is reduced by 1/4 and so on...

Q: Do upgraded units have specialties like in other HOMM games?
A: No.

Q: What are the benefits of the different tiers of units? Which units are best to get?
A: Each faction has access to 7 different units which are classed tier 1-7, tier 1 units are the cheapest and have the weakest individual power whereas tier 7’s are the most expensive and have the greatest power. Tier 5, 6 and 7 units cost an increasing amount of rare resources (6 and 7 require your factions primary resources and tier 6 require your secondary resource). Low tier units are the easiest to recruit a lot of and benefit from high daily production and will greatly benefit from flat bonuses to their power, however, they will take huge damage from magic that does damage per each unit (such as Meteor shower). High tier units will take longer to obtain and longer to build an effective stack of, you will also be limited by your rare resource production – however, they provide the greatest overall power (providing you have plenty of rare mines) and are less susceptible to magic and benefit from percentage based bonuses.


Q: Which of my hero’s stats will be used in a fight?
A: Attack - This is used whenever you initiate a combat action:
- Pillaging
- Fighting an NPC
- Attacking a city directly
- Laying a siege: Assaulting a city during a siege
- Under a siege: Attack a hero that is besieging a city, from outside and inside
- Attacking a halt
- If your army returns to a town under a siege.

Defence – This is used whenever your enemy initiated the combat action:
- Patrolling
- Defending against an attack (assault)
- Defending against an assault on your city during a siege
- Defending against an attack on your halt

Q: Can I attack an inactive player?
A: Yes, you can perform all PVP actions on an inactive player - And inactive players are the only players whose last town you can capture. But they provide no alliance points for pillages or successful sieges.

Q: How do combat bonuses work? How do I get an overrun?
A: The army power of your troops is increased by your hero’s combat bonuses (attack/defence, magic, skills and artefacts), building bonuses and the potential 50% unit type bonus. If you have 1,000 army power in one stack and have a total of 50% in bonuses then that stacks total power will be 1,500. If you fight an enemy stack with a total of 600 army power then the enemy will first deal damage to your bonus (500). This leaves 100 remaining army power in the enemy stack which will then damage your units for 100. You will then lose 100 army powers worth of units (= 1 Tier 1 unit).

In order to gain an overrun your stacks bonus must exceed the total army power of the enemy stack – in the above scenario; if the enemy stack was 400 power then it would have failed to break through your stacks bonus and not harmed your units at all

Q: How can I accurately calculate my battles? What is the fight calculator?
A: http://www.hommk.net/jack/fight.html

Q: My spell didn't get used! My spell didn't do anything!
A: Some spells (like weakness) affect a heroes statistics, so if you are fighting NPC's then those spells will have no effect. Also, sometimes the stack that the spell is used on is too small to be affected significantly (such as doing % damage on a stack of 1 or 2 units)

Q: How do I recruit NPC troops?
A: You can only recruit neutral NPC's who are of the same faction as your hero. You must send an army that has greater total power than the NPC's (1 point of power is sufficient). You will then have a 20% chance to recruit 30% of the troops. The result will be rounded down (minimum stack of 3 to gain a 1 unit). Getting the Diplomat skill increases the chance by 9% per level (maximum 47%).

Fights inside the city to free a building from monsters will not join you.

If you repopulate a region you can not recruit from those NPC’s

Q: How do I defend against an attack?
A: Select a hero and give him troops, click the large shield icon below recruit and “move to” on the hero action panel on the left. Remember, a defending army will always be organised from strongest stack to weakest stack. If you do not set up your army at all then the 7 strongest stacks will be automatically picked (units in the city/patrolling) and they will individually gain bonuses from the hero they are currently assigned to. You can also attack the army if it halts on the way to your city.

Q: How much army power do I need to pillage?
A: You need a minimum of 50,000 army power to pillage anything from the primary target. 250,000 army power will pillage the maximum amount possible (24 hours worth of the primary targets production). In order to pillage 24 hours from the secondary targets you must send 1.25 million army power.

Q: How do I defend against a pillage?
A: Select an idle hero, and above the buttons to move all troops to hero/town is a small shield button clicking that will highlight it and set your hero to patrol - he will then intercept all incoming pillages with the army assigned to him. Forts provide a defensive bonus.

Q: What is the smallest size army I can use for a siege/pillage/attack?
A: If you have 1/10 of the army size of your opponent then your hero will be captured instantly. If you have 1/4 of the army size of your opponent then your hero will be injured - the amount of time scales between 1/4 of the army and 1/10 of the army (of course, at 1/10 - you are captured).

Q: How do I defend against a siege?
A: The most effective way to defeat an army that is coming to siege you is to defeat it as it halts on the way to your city. However, you can set a hero to patrol with an army who will then intercept a sieging army and fight as the defender. During the night time you can now use an army inside the sieged town to attempt to break it.

Q: I used 100k/200k/240k army power in a pillage but still did not pillage anything
A: 250k army power will allow you to pillage a full 24 hours worth of mine production, if the mine production is very low (such as 1) then using a smaller force will actually result in you pillaging 0. This is because any army power below 250k will pillage a % of 24 hours worth of production.

Q: What happens if a halt is attacked and the attacker/defender wins/loses?
A: When someone attacks a halt and wins the fight then the halting army instantly begins retreating back to their town. If the attacker loses the fight then the halting army instantly resumes their movement and will halt again after 4 squares/8 dots.

Q: If a player has 2 towns, can I siege their first town?
A: Yes, as long as a player has more than 1 town, you can siege any one you wish

Q: If I launch an attack/pillage/siege and then become allies with my targets alliance, what happens?
A: The attack will continue, as the action was initiated before the pact was signed.

Q: How do I make my siege end quicker?
A: - The army power of the defender (lower = quicker)
- The level of the sieged city (lower = quicker
- Average umber of cities owned by the defending players alliance (lower = longer)
- An inactive player’s city is quicker to take
- Each square around the sieged city that is in your territory reduces the time by 20%
- Grails number 3/6/9 reduce siege time

Q: What do ballista's do?
A: Ballista and their upgrade catapults have two uses:

- Bombarding enemy buildings during a siege. You can select different categories of buildings and your siege weapons will target one building within that category and if the power of your siege weapons is higher than the hit points of the building then it will be destroyed. A buildings hit points are 1.5 X the gold cost of the building.

- Pre-emptive defensive strike. If your army is attacked while you have siege weapons in the army then before the first round your siege weapons will fire at the first of the enemy stacks, if that stack is defeated then they will fire at the second, and so on. This happens before the first round of combat – thus before magic is used.

Q: Which is the difference between a ballista and a catapult?
A: Catapults are the upgrade to ballista’s and have more power.

Q: My town is on fire, what does it mean?
A: It indicates that the town has recently been attacked.

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Rankings and Score

Q: What accounts for my Domination/wealth/honour scores?
A: Domination - A modified total of your army power and buildings
Wealth - A modified total of all resources accumulated by your cities plus a % of the gold spent on buildings
Honour - The total experience gained by heroes from PVP and PVE actions - excluding scouting, building and mine improvements.

Q: How do we gain alliance points?
A: Check out your alliance profile, click stats and hover over your points to see a breakdown:

- Captured cities: You gain points for successfully sieging a town of an active player
- XP from PVP: Experience from fights grant points
- Army size: The total army score of your players (modified)
- Pillages: Each pillage grants points (excluding pillages on inactive players)
- Territory size: Each square within your boundaries grant points
- Constructed grail structures generate alliance points
- Controlled runic fortresses generate alliance points

Tears/Grails, Runic fortresses and Winning (cooperative worlds)

Q: How do I win the game? When does it end?
A: This game is split into seasons - with several servers running for each season. The season ends on one server when an alliance reaches rank 11 in alliance ranking

Q: How do I get a tear?

A: To unlock the 'end-game' one alliance must reach rank 7 (unlocking it for everyone). Players can try to get a tear providing their alliance has reached rank 4:

- Domination: Allows you to build a cartographer to search for the hidden coordinates of an Obelisk which must be decrypted with a level 3 mage guild, giving the coordinates where the tear is buried. You must then clear the NPC's and dig on each square until you find it.
- Wealth: Allows you to build an oven to combine hundreds of resources to create a tear.
- Honour: Allows you to build a portal to fight several NPC armies to steal a tear from them

Finally, any successful attack on a city or assault during the siege with a Grail will destroy the building and capture the tear and bring it to your town. You can then construct this stolen tear alongside a normal tear

Q: How does construction of a Grail work? How is it organised within an alliance?

A: Once you have obtained your tear of Asha, your hero will have it in their backpack. You must send the hero to the city in which you intend to build the Grail and move the artefact from their backpack to the city then access the build screen. Here you can build the grail structure just like any other building. An alliance can only build one grail at a time – unless you have a stolen tear which allows you to build it at the same time as an ordinary tear – You can only build two Grails at the same time: one from an ordinary tear and one from a stolen tear.

Q: What resources do I need to build the grail structure?

A: Each faction has different requirements

- Academy: 180,000 gold, 62 wood, 114 ore
- Haven: 180,000 gold, 120 wood, 113 ore
- Inferno: 216,000 gold, 99 wood, 85 ore, 7 mercury
- Necropolis: 162,000 gold, 75 wood, 69 ore
- Sylvan: 162,000 gold, 91 wood, 105 ore

Q: Can I obtain a tear from all 3 paths?

A: Yes. And you can only get one tear per path. However, you can steal unlimited tears from other players; also see question below.

Q: Can anyone else settle a city at the coordinates given to me by the obelisk?

A: When you are given a set of coordinates they remain a secret (unless you share them) for a period of time (24 hours). After that period the location is revealed on the map and anyone who settles there will be able to obtain the tear. Also, the coordinates given to you may be occupied by a city already or in another alliances influence.

Q: Can I build more than one cartographer to get a second set of coordinates?

A: No, the cartographer will always provide the same coordinates and you can only find one tear per path.

Q: What bonuses does a grail building provide?

A: A grail building doubles hero movement (with troops) when the hero leaves from the grail town

For the alliance:

1grail: Attrition -3% (units permanently lost at end of a fight)
2grails: City limit +1
3grails: Capture timing bonus -15%
4grails: Attrition -3%
5grails: City limit +1
6grails: Capture timing bonus -15%
7grails: Attrition -3%
8grails: City limit +1
9grails: Capture timing bonus -15%
10grails: Defence bonus to your alliance (+16%)
11grails: Defence bonus to your alliance (+8%)
12grails: Defence bonus to your alliance (+4%)
13grails: Defence bonus to your alliance (+2%)
Next grails: Defence bonus to your alliance (+1%)

Grails also provide alliance points.

Q: What are Runic Fortresses? How do you claim one?

A: Runic Fortresses are the most efficient way to claim alliance points. They are distributed across the world map and require an alliance to work together to capture it by defeating the AI defenders. The alliance must then use its resources to defend it from other alliances.

Legacy and Union

Q: What is legacy?

A: Legacy points are gained at the end of every server; you gain points depending on how well you performed during the round:
+ 30 to100 points depending on your highest final ranking
+ 20 to 60 point bonus depending on your union
* Percentage modifier based on the number of grails your alliance owned/lost/stole
+ 100 extra points bonus for winning the server

Q: Will my legacy bonuses affect all my heroes?

A: No, the bonuses only affect your first hero; except for the artefacts which can be moved from hero to hero.

Q: What is union? Who is my partner?

A: The union process is unlocked 1 month after the start of the war of tears; you will select one person to be your partner, the success of both you and your partner determines your legacy points for the server. Your domination/wealth/honour scores get ranked according to your strongest/medium/weakest (based on an average over the course of the tear war), finding a partner whose ranking mirrors your own provides the maximum 30 points; weaker matches provide 20 or 10. Also, finding a partner with a compatible faction match provides 30. The below link provides more information.

Further information about Legacy Points and Union here (http://forums-mightandmagicheroeskingdoms.ubi.com/en/read.php?51,82831,82911#msg-82911)

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The Map, Halts and Travel

Q: How do learning stones/sphinxes/treasuries work?
A: Once the structure is within your city/alliance boundaries then the bonus is added to all members in your alliance automatically

Q: Do learning stone/sphinx/treasury bonuses stack?
A: Yes, with a maximum of 10 of each type (total of 30). Clicking on one of the buildings and selecting "show details" will show you how many of that building your alliance owns.

Q: Can I move faster across the map?
A: A hero with no army will move 1 square per 7.5 minutes without an army and 1 square per 15 minutes with an army. If you have siege weapons in your army then you move 1 square per 30 minutes. Possession of a grail increases hero speed by 50% when the hero leaves from the city the grail is in.

Q: Movement speed in a region
A: Not sure yet. 40 squares per hour? 13 per hour? each town = +10% longer time taken on actions (NPC figt, improvements, region buildings, moving to and from vestige, movin to region building - no endgame actions affected

Q: Why did my hero stop moving?

A: When your hero leaves your cities border/alliance border then they will halt for 2 hours every 4 whole squares or 8 dots. You have to travel 4 whole squares in one go to halt (so if you travel 3, then enter your borders, leave and travel 2, you will not halt). Also, your hero will halt overnight if they have an army. If you are attacking a city with a grail then you will not halt on non-allied territory and will only halt when you are on the target alliances territory – you will still halt at night.

No halting on return from actions?
No halting on neutral territory?

Q: Can I reorganise my troops once I have sent them out to attack?
A: Yes, but only in two conditions: During a halt you can reorganise your troops at will and during movement, but only after you have left a halt due to a successful defence of that halt.

Q: What are these signposts on the map?
A: Your alliance leader and three chiefs can label the map with these signposts to give information they feel is important. To create one, zoom out to the first level of map and there is a ‘map alert’ button beside the ‘quest’ button, click it once and then click on the map.


Q: What can happen when scouting?
A: Your scout can have varying degrees of success, which is dependant on the difference in levels between your scout and their highest level hero. If your scout is of a significantly lower level then they can be injured or your hero can be captured if the enemy hero has the barbarian class.

You can go from achieving a complete success down to a total failure; this affects how much information you discover. Worse than a total failure, your hero is discovered and finds out nothing, worse than that - they are injured for 24 hours.

Q: What can I scout?
A: You can scout any non-allied town - The troops and heroes in that town, the layout of the region (fields, research towers etc) and the levels of their mines.

You can also scout a players halt - beware, the success level will always be 'poor' - enough to tell you what troops they have and how many.


Q: What do I get if I subscribe/What are the limits of not subscribing?
A: If you don't subscribe you are limited to 3 towns and 3 heroes and must wait a set amount of time before you can unlock 4 (and then 5 and so on).

By subscribing you remove the city/hero limit, get access to an unrestricted mailbox, the in-game battle calculator will display all your bonuses, artefacts only take 1 day to unbind from your hero and you can sign up to as many worlds as you like. Clicking My Account and going to Manage Subscriptions then Find Out More will provide the full range of benefits

Q: What happens if I cancel my subscription and I have 5/6/7/8 towns and heroes?
A: When you cancel the subscription then you will be reverted to the limitations of a non-subscriber account, depending on the development of the server this may be from 3-6 towns/heroes. You can then choose which towns and heroes to keep active, the rest become inactive but will be immediately unlocked when you are able to control one more town/hero.

Q: Can I delete my kingdom and re-join the world?

A: You can only rejoin the same world if you delete your kingoms within 14 days of joining. You may join any other world however.

Q: Can I cancel an action?
A: No.

Q: Is there a period of new player protection?
A: Yes, 14 days. You can check when your protection expires by hovering over the icon on the top right of the city panel. You can elect to leave new player protection early using an item bought with seals. Whilst under protection you can not break a siege but can attack buildings on the map (including runic fortresses).

Reactivate it with an item as well? Alliance level below 3, no towns under siege, no offensive actions against them underway, less than 4 cities,

Q: Do I get Asha's gift all round?
A: Yes.

Q: How do I know if a player is inactive?
A: A player becomes inactive after 15 days and their towns will be greyed out.

03-15-2013, 12:56 AM
Placeholder X 1. Just in case, you see?

03-15-2013, 12:56 AM
A second placeholder, because I might like to write a lot one day.

03-15-2013, 01:04 AM
An actual message to you all!

I've been through the developer journals and my extensive knowledgebase and updated most of the FAQ for season 4, because I'm nice in that way. There are some things that I am not sure if they have changed or what exactly has happened with them in the past year or so, they are written in red, like this and I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide the missing information. As you will see, the entire section on winning the game is in red because I'm not even sure if S4 is a tear or fortress or points victory. I have got a load of updated information on the various victory types but it's late and so I will tackle that tomorrow - but I do need to know what the components of each are.

I've never been on a PVE world, so none of this is in the FAQ. I need the breakdown of Crevices, Dark Elves, Fortresses, Grails and whatever else - as they apply to PVE worlds (and the victory conditions)

Same again, what are the conditions and how do fortresses, grails, DE and the like work here?

Rifts - what is one of these?

Legacy - what are the values you earn for various aspects?

Alliance buildings - which ones are actually in the game right now?

Portals - how does one of those work?

I have some information on all of these but as I haven't yet played with them I don;t fully understand how they work in the game.