View Full Version : How to Cancel a Subscription

03-07-2013, 09:35 AM
There has been some confusion over where to go to cancel a recurring subscription. So to help the community out we thought this handy dandy guide would help shed some light.

NOTE: You must log into a Game!!! You can not do this from the main login page.

First go to "My Account" in-game. It will pop up the following screen:


Then click on the "Manage" tab. It should look like this:


You should now see the options to Cancel Renewal, Change Subscription, and Unsubscribe. The difference between Cancel Renewal and Unsubscribe is Cancel Renewal just cancels the next scheduled payment and Unsubscribe cancels all future payments.

Careful! The Unsubscribe button is dangerous :P


Hopefully that should clear up any confusion over where to go and what does what :)

Happy pillaging, and may the waffle be with you!
HK Support