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02-11-2013, 08:16 AM
assassin creed 3 colonial special south east asia
i will post the images later

(just my fanfiction but it can be my recommendation)

this take place in some country in south east asia: indonesia, malaysia, and philliphines
The difference between our assassin airlangga and other assassin. he can swing with his binded spear to another place. he still can do what another assassin can do before.

we start from his born place in Borneo
you will know the scandal in "Sampit War Tragedy" behind it there was Deutch plan it before they came to Indie.

Now the story Airlangga become an assassin
He has a parent that came to madura because dayak want to destroy madura. this is caused Deutch that made this clan madura and dayak had a war and the tragic event was when the parent of airlangga had died. <airlangga join the war> many victims not false died.
But the truth came, one of the madura people tell the secret about the tragedy"the plan If deutch Is make indie more weak,crash each other,having a war, just concern in struggling area and deutch could take control and take natural sources easier in Indie.

After know about the scandal, not long time Deutch came to Indie through Merak Harbour. and he decide to go there with this Madura person because he has a rouble too and want to finish it.
the trouble is at his village in mataram, all the explanation is in this place. so, they came to this place.
But after they arrived there, Deutch had made an issue and Mataram broke became two part:yogyakarta and surakarta, although they had struggle to keep Mataram United but they failed
After searching the explanation was at yogyakarta. He met diponegoro and help him to defend Diponegoro's ancetors grave. He got the explanation and reccruited bacame an assassin then leave Madura man and Yogyakarta to Banten.

1598 Diponegoro gaves airlangga his loyal guard Anusopati. there he met Van den Bosch the leader of Deutch arrival in second wave.

i will continoue the story aand the images later. the traditional weapon and so on.