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01-24-2013, 09:12 PM
Hi ! I was wandering about some things:
-What equippment does Ezio have when you begin Brotherhood ? I think Seusenhofer Armour (?),Sword of Altair but cannot figured short blade ?
-Why allways in Revelations at the end when Ezio approach Altair Apple of Eden all his armour and weapons turn to default ? ( this really bug me)
-What is the best armour in 2,Brotherhood,Revelations ?
-What is the best sword in all games ? (Except AC 3)
-What is the best short blade in 1,2,Brotherhood,Revelations
-Coolest dyes for clothes ?

Please don't ignore my post I really want to know what others think about equipment and I will start the games again and I need tips for customizing my self.