View Full Version : ACB Servers: shutting down?

01-21-2013, 05:41 PM
Alright. How long do you think Ubisoft will support the servers for ACB?

It's obvious that Ubisoft has plenty of money to do it as long as they wish, so will they?

Me and the clan I'm in play ACB a lot and we're all very good at it. Typically we get a score of 20-30k but that's beside the point. WE love the game and all are not too happy with the multiplayer on ACR and ACIII, we won't play them as a clan, only ACB.

WE love ACB and we don't want to leave it. It was the prototype and to us is still the best and well-balanced. Yes Ac3 has some nice cool things but it also has too many bad things that only keep pissing us off.

If you are coming back to ACB you're welcome to check our clan out. We are Trinity(TR3) and we are on the AC Network and are a registered clan.

Thank you.