View Full Version : so when can the rest of us expect to actually play the multiplayer?

01-21-2013, 03:04 AM
When can the rest of us Assassins creed customers expect to actually get access to the servers instead of being stuck in limited mode?

Great for the PSN users that they can sign in with their second account etc etc etc, but for those of us that are stuck with 1 Pc and nothing more it is kinda getting annoying that we are stuck in limited mode because of some unknown error.

Yes, firewalls and antivirus have been disabled or allowed to let the game trough.
Yes, the Isp have their ports open
Yes, it is a valid copy (although, at this point I am starting to wonder if downloading one from a torrentsite is actually a smarter move seeing as it would give the same access anyway and one wouldn`t be broke buying a game that doesn`t work, AND you actually get help on those sites)

Next time you release a game, make sure the Error message customers recieve aren`t ambigious with a 1000 different possible meanings.

Who do I talk to about a Refund? seeing as you`ve sold me 50% of what was promised from your product, I am expecting 50% of my cash back.

01-21-2013, 03:31 AM
Please check this Support FAQ's:

If you are still having issues you need to remain in contact with Ubisoft Support after you have filed a Ticket.