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01-06-2013, 02:22 AM
I have posted 4x in UBI-TECH SUPPORT and got 1 response. I have updated drivers and patches and verified History cache is clear, temp files clear. ECT ECT. And it seems that the PC version( mine) Runs only 6min max on MP or SP and then crashed with WIN7 looking for a solution. and __________.exe has stopped or not responding. . . message. Has anyone heard any updates on this?? I love the GAMES and stuff but I can't see how its just a PC USER issue unless they don't want us to play their games.


ATHLON FX QUAD CORE 3.6 ( non overclock)
AMD SAPPHIRE 2 Gig Video card (single card) though Crossfire ready
16 gig RAM
WIN7 Pro SP1
According to the websites I more than meet the Req's . There is no video issues or sound issues- mouse keyboard all function well LOOKS AWESOME- but 6 min and it stops consistently. I have no Background stuff on. Even when I used MS CONFIG and turned everything off- ( sound was off but I knew it would be) 6min was the max it ran. I got the same error.
I want to play this game I have played AC 1-2, Brotherhood, Revelations, MASS EFFECT1-3, SPLINTERCELL franchise. The only common thread for my issues was UPLAY:

1) stop working
2) wouldn't sync achievements
3)wouldn't save last place

This 6min deal has me stumped. I want to enjoy the game you folks have built - but I guess because I'm a PC user you don't want me to enjoy your work. I promise you this I will rethink my GAMING COMPANIES for sure. Disappointed, confused, frustrated, feeling alienated. . . HELP PLEASE!!

I again ran the COMPUTER thru MSCONFIG mode( diagnostic) The sound wasn't loaded (which I knew) and it ran Aproximately 6 min from my timing.AC3SP.exe has stopped working windows is searching for the solution to the problem. I have done the DXDIAG 2X now 1) win7 basic diag 2) 64bit version.The results are the same for MULTI-PLAYER as well. Approximate 6 min and the windows message _________.exe has stopped working. . . .
There are no programs running that I know of in WIN7 64bit Pro edition that would cause it to stop after 5-6min. I don't have tears or drops in framerate or video the sound and screens are top notch. It makes no sense unless there is a leak in PROGRAMING. I have 2 gigs on the video card and 16 gig ram. I again turned off the Anti-virus and Background programs. All drivers are up to date. I even re- installed after deleting the UPLAY installed by DVD- This time UPLAY is synced and Functioning, but again the SP.exe or MP.exe still stop at 5-6min. I am not seeing any heat problems or spikes and no spikes with the Quad Core CPU that would make it stop. I am trying to be fair and help in solving the problem - Since I didnt write the Code for the game I can't help there. But there is a Memory leak that causes the ram not to dump correctly which caused issues in SPLINTERCELL to cause it to crash and it seems the same here with AC 3- but again, with 16 gig of ram and a Quad Core FX 4100 3.6- I find it doubtful that MY PC is the cause.

I had all background programs off and it did the same. Adding to the CRASHES- UPLAY is not keeping the achievements and is not updating or saving the last event. I am very disappointed in the Product. When It runs it looks good there is no LAG or delay for me. But I cannot use the Multiplayer at all and the Single Player runs about 5 min at a time and Crashes. I really have enjoyed the games when they worked on my PC. I get the feeling that you really don't want PC users at all.
The main reason I am frustrated is the simple fact I understand it takes allot to make these games and to really ENJOY them you need a Machine to do the work,. SO I BUILT ONE:

ATHLON FX 4100 Quad Core 3.6 1TB HD Radeon HD Sapphire 2GIG Video card 16gig Ram. According to your own system specs I have more than what is needed.
This whole thing is not making sense at all. I have Successfully run AC 1,2,Brotherhood,Revelations, MASS EFFFECT1-3- the only common thread is UPLAY crashing and not saving anything. And only running 5min on SinglePlayer. I thought Maybe it was just a connection glitch or Comcast cable- no issues there. I have run Successfully all the SPLINTERCELL games as well, But UPLAY caused issues enough that I couldn't do Multiplayer for Splintercell or save things either. DO YOU really not want PC users to buy your work?? I have THOROUGHLY ENJOYED the STORY and GAMES- BUT I feel I again will be left out in the cold because I don't use XBOX or PS3. I would like to be able to justify buying a $50 game. But why BUY ONE that wastes my time and STAFF that doesn't want PC users at all.COULD YOU HELP ME HERE?? I LIKE YOUR GAMES BUT I NEED HELP! No I do not have VIruses, No NOTHING IS RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND, YES I HAVE THE LATEST DRIVERS, NO my ANTIVIRUS IS OFF, - I MORE THAN MEET SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS> HELP ME OUT HERE< RESTORE my FAITH in GAMING COMPANIES!!!

01-06-2013, 02:40 AM
I have the same problems. Only mine range from 10 minutes play up untill about 45 minutes. Also this might sound stupid.....the pattern emerging from mine is i seem to be able to cause the error with certain button presses. usually when connor is sprinting and i press jump. the game will freeze mid jump and the error occurs. Is it just coincidence or me being stupid?

01-06-2013, 09:07 AM
we are met same problem and everyone can't fix :(
now i don't wanna buy ubisoft game on pc platform
because i bought ghost recon futher soidler, assasincreed 3 and other every game has a problem
i met problem yeti_error in ghost recon
i met problem ac3sp has stoped working in assasin creed 3.