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01-03-2013, 09:16 PM
Hi, I’m just wondering if Ubisoft could make something like this in the future. It would be so awesome if this is created.

---Basic Idea---

There will be forts/towers/dens across the world (every location/city in past AC games). The Constantinople dens would be perfect examples. You will have to create a guild/clan (minimum 2 members) and try to take over dens. In the beginning, all these dens will be controlled/owned by Templars. You can choose to affiliate your guild with the Templars or Assassins. By siding with the Templars you will have buy the dens, siding with the Assassins you will infiltrate the dens. I’m assuming that most of you guys will choose to side with the Assassins, so the good part of joining the Templars would be that you will earn more money. The point is that, the side with lesser players will earn more money, depending on the Assassins to Templars ratio.

Dens available to be bought/infiltrated will be marked by red areas on the map. The dens will have Captains; basically they’re there to control the den and will be your assassination target. I think we should have to go through the trouble of investigations to figure out what the Captain looks like in order to assassinate him. Once you’ve captured a den, your guild will have to hire (create) a captain of your own to take control of the den.

If you get detected, the captain will alert the enemy guild members. You or your guild will have a fixed amount of time to kill him before he goes into hiding. Once in hiding, the den cannot be infiltrated by ANY guilds for a fixed amount of time.

Once you own a den, you can hire guards (Assassins/Templars I guess) to protect it. To maintain a guild you must have at least 2 guild leaders, you can assign more obviously, if more people join your guild. You can only take over a den if there are guild members of the den online playing. If the den has no players online for let’s say 30 days, the den will be taken back by the Templars; therefore other guilds will have to buy/infiltrate to get the den.

I guess your main goal is to make your guild as powerful and badass as can be, own as much dens as you can. The challenge is to maintain it. Benefits of owning a den? IDK, it just feels badass when your guild/clan owns and controls these buildings:


I guess you are playing as your ancestor. Create one. Go to stores to buy outfits. Go to gyms to reshape the body.

Leveling Up:
I didn’t give this much thought. Benefits of leveling up (what I got so far):

More health
More ammo
More outfits
Quicker Health Regen
The damage you inflict should be based on the weapon you own, not the level of your character. For example, the axe should be more powerful, but easier to counter. To throw it, you’ll have to knock down opponents first, aim then throw.

Like I said before you can only take over a den if there are guild members of the den online playing. You have to go to a server where the players are playing at if you want to steal the den. The only issue is the connection problem. I hope we could all play in just one big *** server.

Friends would be marked green on the map, strangers yellow and guards are red. I find having names on top of other players seem to be annoying, like the Grand Theft Auto multiplayer. So to look for a friend you’ll have to remember what they look like in game.


One vs. One or Group Fights:
So to make this work, the one to one or group fights have to work. I guess we could use the same fight system and AC3. So you could block attacks for like 3 times, once over 3 strikes, your opponent breaks your guard and you will be forced to counter or take a hit. To counter, you will have to hit the button right on the spot, just before you get hit. But once you counter the opponent can also counter back. You could be countering until one fails a counter and you get hit. When you get your opponents health low enough, you’ll get to see some nice kill/counter kill animations. But if you are facing two opponents, and they are attacking at the same time, and you countered it, you will be a insta-killing these two suckas. These are my combat ideas so far. Of course, you can also free run yo *** out of a fight. Health should regenerate quicker when you’re blending in, not matter if players see you or not.

City Guards:
Guards will be watching, if you get into combat in cities they will attempt to arrest all of you, no matter who started it. This needs more ideas and thoughts, like a way to figure out who started it, protecting the one who is being attacked. Once arrested, you cannot play for, IDK 30-60 mins I guess.

Long Range Weapons:
Bullets have more damage than arrows. Headshots are insta-kill. No auto-lock on. If guards see you aiming, they will attempt to arrest you.

Rope darts:
To get a kill from a rope dart, I guess when you’re on a beam, you can aim and shoot it at players. They would be struggling to get free. You press random buttons, it will appear on the other player, if they fail to follow, you get your kill (hang them). Something like when you get attacked by animals, but the buttons shouldn’t be on screen for too long.

Stealth kills:
In this game, you will have to be on high alert because ANYONE can stealth kill you, the incentive to kill anyone in game is that they get to loot 10% of your inventory/money. But be careful, while choosing what to loot, your character will be completely inactive and can get killed yourself.
So to prevent a stealth kill I guess is to:

Always be on the move
Blend in. Your character will change into normal citizen skins; whoever didn’t see you blend in, can’t kill you.
Stay in cease fire zones (taverns)
Counter stealth kills; I guess you can buy something like that in stores. No one knows if you have this or not, so by doing stealth kills on other players, it’s either kill or be killed.
Hire bodyguards/mercenaries. They will block strangers from you (pushing strangers away), making it impossible to stealth kill you, because you have to through them first. Friends/Guild members won’t be pushed. You yourself is basically mini restricted area.
Once you die, you repawn at a hospital or your guild's dens.

---Ways to Make Money---

Coop Missions:

Get missions from Templar/Assassins to kill other Templar/Assassins with your guild. Your guild is basically a gun for hire.
Protect Templar/Assassins.
These would obviously be killing bots, not other players.
Some of the rules for races could be:

Can’t touch the ground
Can’t use the roof
Can’t knock down citizens
Fight Tournaments:
You fight other players, best be fighting other guild members since the money will be used to upgrade your den defenses. Players could also be betting while others are in a fight. I guess you could bet on races too.

You hunt animals as usual, should make it harder somehow. But be careful, once out in the frontier like environment, others can steal your kill and you yourself can be hunting target. There will be fewer guards out there to protect you. Best you hunt with a friend.

You can sell or send your trade your stuff, sending them on convoys. Other guilds/clans can try to attack and loot your convoy.

Pickpocket others:
Should be on the lookout for these suckers. If they manage to steal from you and you noticed, you’ll have to chase and catch them. If you get caught, you will go to jail (can’t play for 30-60 mins).

I’ll try to update more of my thoughts as it comes along. So what do you guys think?

DELTA Kristian
01-04-2013, 09:08 PM
I dont like the player vs player idea and level system,stealing will be bad,you kill few templars ( NPC ) and bam a troll steals your stuff and money... i want co - op something like that. Co - op in Rome or something, you as a customizable ancestor / just few guys setted up ( with robes and their sp earned money and weapons,gadgets,tools ,ect.) so can we actually get it? We can if we vote. This is why i will start a poll for it.

01-04-2013, 09:17 PM
Hi, I hope someone can help!

Sorry for crashing in on a post but I'm new to the site and am not doing an excellent job of finding my way around!
Ok so, I recently bought Assassins Creed Directors Cut for PC. It installed perfectly and said my laptop met all system requirements BUT whenever I double click to open the game a box comes up
saying its downloading an autopatch. The bar fills really quickly and the box is only there for a split second before it disappears. The game NEVER opens. I've been trying to play for hours, any ideas?

PS. Please keep explanations simple... I am a female and I work in Accounts... the intricacies of computer technology is unfortunately not my forte! :)