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12-16-2012, 02:38 PM
Today I cancelled my last game (4 in total now) which I ordered (all Ubi games). Two months now almost of bugs and game saves destroyed cause Ubisoft lacks good developers and wanted to release an Alpa/Beta game on the Wii U release so they could empty our pockets to remain in silence after when people found all the game breaking bugs.

Anyways... 4 games cancelled, I will never buy another game from Ubisoft. I'll just download them from free on the internet... and with me I am sure 100's of other people will do the same, seeing how you treat us, the paying players, even worse as dog ****.

1. Get some decent developers, kick out the morons you currently have
2. Dont release a game that should be alpha or beta stage, basicly means your customers pays millions to do YOUR WORK which is obviously beta testing a game
3. Get more people and -or developers to activly take part on the forums so you can tell people "we are working on it". If you dont tell us anything, but do take our money we feel treaten like **** abviously... can you blame us?

ZombiU is in the closet also, wont even bother playing it over AGAIN or trying it again in a couple of months. The "fun" in this game is destroyed because of fail Ubi.

12-16-2012, 07:19 PM
Hi there,

I'm sorry you feel that way - the team are aware of the problems some have found with the game, however at present - I personally don't have any information about any patches - however your regular Forum Manger will update you when she does.

It's not a simple or easy thing to make a game completely bug free at the best of times, some patches are needed for most games - due to shear amount of people playing the game, previously hidden bugs do tend to pop up - I am sure the ZombiU team would have liked to have released a game with no bugs at all, especially on a new console..

However it does appear many are running into game breaking bugs, which will be a priority for them to fix.