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12-11-2012, 11:47 PM
I'm approximately 40 hours and 33% into the game (i'm not rushing). I've gotten to the point where I'm facing a struggle in that i loved (LOVED) the last AC games, but every time I play this game it's like pulling teeth. The only really fun I have is exploring cities and taking down fort bosses, but there aren't so many of those. It's to the point that I don't want to continue the main story for fear of the "main quest" going like this:

1)Follow haytham across roofs
cut scene

2) follow haytham across more roofs
+cut scene

3) Kill some guards with haythem
+cut scene

4) run across town to meet haytham.
+cut scene

5) huge cutscene followed by climbing out of a burning building with haytham followed by another, guess what?
+cut scene

6) push some prisoner repeatedly to a house some 100 meters away, so that you can see another...

You see where I'm going with this? This is not fun, not interesting and absolutely the opposite of what I want to do in a game. They said it well here: http://www.nowgamer.com/xbox-360/xbox360-reviews/1656860/assassins_creed_3_review.html

... for a game about an Assassin you donít actually assassinate very many people. Well, Connor does do a lot of killing, unfortunately you donít.
What we mean to say is that a large part of Assassinís Creed 3ís Ďgameplayí is left to cut scenes and forced actions, and for a game all about the freedom of choice this is more than a little ironic....

Other such missions:
carry lady from point a to point b
walk through crowd to gallows. literally, the only thing i could do was walk.

The point here is that the game has ceased being fun and I feel like I'm navigating a poorly told movie with my keys instead of a keyframe scrubber.

What happened to all the mystery of the game, like lairs and dungeons to explore? I feel like the game has lost all sense of the unknown, and all I do is act like a soldier. I rarely actually have to use skill to assassinate anyone. Most of the time I end up just taking on 10-15 guys and parry-attack / parry disarming them until i win. The AI has significantly improved to the point of me being run out of town a few times, but otherwise I feel as though the game has lost everything that made it a lot of fun.

Will i see any of the following return?

Dungeons/Templar lairs
I know armor is gone, but will my clothing ever change beyond the ezio costume and the variety of colors?
Do the weapons ever actually get interesting? I use fists,wristblade,tomahawk and heavy axe. I haven't seen a reason to upgrade.
throwing knives?throwing knives?throwing knives?throwing knives?throwing knives?throwing knives?
Will sneaky assassinations, picking apart guards etc every really be required (i'm not talking about 100% synch here), or can everything just be taken on rambo style?
Mysterious revelations about the templars that make me question the political structure of todays world!
Gripping action / storyline etc that will make me play for hours and hours with ease, versus my current play session of 30 mins or less?
Let's not get me started on the horrible audio synch to the point where I've already started skipping most cutscenes, especially when the character is not even there. If that clears up, it would be great but right now, chinese dubbed movies > AC3 cutscenes


12-12-2012, 12:36 AM
*Dungeons/Templar lairs have been replaced with Ship missions. It's not the same thing but It's quite fun.
*There are actually plenty of unlockables outfit, Some are unlocked thourgh finishing sequences, some are part of a side quest such as collecting all feathers.
*The more better your weapon is, the faster, the more efficent your combat is.
*Throwing Knives are indeed missing, but you got a bow.
*Sneaky assinations are actually still a part of the game. You can do it the same old style if you face vs 1 guard, inside a Haystack, a bench. But they also added special moves if you are blended in a group, or on a corner.
*Each game and his own message, this game lakes conspiracy tho, I agree.
*The storyline lakes devolpment and I agree that if they put so many cutscenes they better make them synch together. I found bad sync however rare.

About the general lake of fun - I have to say, this game lakes one imporntant thing. Devolpement - Connor doesn't change, and so don't we. Remember when you first got the Posion Hidden Blade from Lenoardo - it was an amazing expierence and got me full with fun. The biggest turn of Connor was the training which eventully was just a white screen and a few words. Lakes of devolpments mean lakes of a goal - when you don't have a goal you kinda feel like you're being dragged up with the story, and not you pushing the story out of fun.

I hoped I helped, and that in the future DLC/Games those will be improved.

12-12-2012, 02:13 AM
Have to agree with OP and the linked review.

the best description i can think of is "mish mash",because this is just way too watered down and a mess.

3 hours and i havent assassinated anyone ??????
I never know what the hell is going on

Why are they killing the franchise,as it seems deliberatley cinematic,and who want to watch a game instead of playing it ?

12-12-2012, 02:32 AM
Short answer? No, not really. The game has its fun moments, but the political mysteries, stealthy assassinations and freedom of choice have definitely been downgraded in favour of more Hollywood-tastic cinematic action.