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12-07-2012, 03:50 AM
ok i have found some things to make the game run a lot batter as in better fps, for me it was by changing the assassins3.ini file i changed the [Graphics_DX11] .....to.....[Graphics_DX10] and saved the file and started the game and now i get 30 -40 more fps in any city great i know, i change it back to [Graphics_DX11] and i get around 20-45 fps, changing it to dx 10 i get from 30-130 fps. now i am having a different problem so i reset everything back i had made copy's of the files that i had edit just in case something went wrong. A few days ago before i got my surgery done on my noise one of my friends on steam got me black ops 2 so i have been playing that, but now i just want to set back in my chair with a cup of hot green tea and relax. but now the game doesn't even start. what happens is i hit the play button and then i get a black screen and then the uplay screen comes up telling me how many minuets i have played this session.