View Full Version : AC Multiplayer and its possibilities(not reffering to AC3 MP)

12-07-2012, 12:53 AM
The multiplayer of AC has evolved from a simple MP game into something greater.Whats the next step?Thats what this thread is about.To talk of what the next gens of MP should be like and what to offer.

-The first MP(ACB) started it all,being something totaly new and unique as a MP game,it offered uniqely styled characters each special and deadly.The game offered from custimozation options only 3 lvl staged costume unlocks changing the appearance of the existing costume and 3 lvl staged coloration.Weapons were each unique to its character and more personal.Game modes became basic in the following titles while some didnīt make it.Abilities were staged in more variations by adding different setting to the same ability to change its properties depending on the play style and were unlocked with challenges.

The game sets us in the role of a Abstergo agent and it featured Templar characters featured in Italy(from which one turned to the side of the Assassins)

-The second to follow(ACR) made major improvements adding even more options to customize so that the players can change things that suit them even more.
The characters were unique but not as much as the ones in previous game.This time players were able to customize more things on the characters in seperate categories changing the overall appearance of the character,while things were still ketp in the 3 lvl staged princip it added varaety as everything could be mixed up in different options to get even more different results.Coloration remained the same.The weapons were optional to the characters and each had a unique set featuring the characters favourite weapon and its unique variations and couple of different weapons and unique variations of them suiting to the character.This time secondary weapon option is introduced featuring silent weapons which are to be used for silent kills,the list consisted of a variation of a hidden blade(roll-out-roll-in system),dagger(stilleto) and a punch dagger.Taunts make an appearance in order to add more uniqueness to the characters.(also 3 lvl staged).Stuns also get a option to change in which way to stun a pursuer.
Emblems are used as symbols for the players to show their colors,an rather useful inclusion as the players are able to select a big varaety of emblems and patterns in different colors to create something fitting to them to show out from the crowd.Patron pictures are another addition for the players to show their style along with titles.Ground finish is a new function added to score points from the target that has been killed by another pursuer that you were after.
Game modes from previous game(with some exclusions) make a return with addition of new game modes.Abilities make a return but this time with addition of new ones and ability crafting system which allows players to craft abilities after their preferences.

Aswell in this game we are in the role of a Abstergo agent but this time its more story based and we play as Templar characters of the Ottoman Empire and surrounding area.(A character was a Assassin who turned to a Templar and another character was a Templar undercover posing as a Assassin)
A rather interesting thing is that a character in the game is not of the same era as other characters,the Crusader is from the 11th century while the rest is from the 16th century.

-The third and current(AC3)made also big steps but in different areas.Custimozation is pretty much the same but with inclusion of some new additions.The characters now have a costume are featuring pre-set costumes which are each unique in design or coloration.The casual appearance custimozation is still present but now as a addition we have face paint and scars.Weapon seletcion is the same as in the previous but now each weapon is unique compare the the previous game which featured same basic weapons for each character.Secondary weapons havenīt changed very much as they feature a hidden blade(Assassin style),dagger(stilleto) and a punchhook(punch dagger).Pretty much reusing the old animation which can be seen specialy on the hidden blade as the cha