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11-28-2012, 02:00 PM
*As defending champions, the Heat after a brief downturn, and now again to the record of 10 wins, 3 losses and sit on the throne of the eastern boss, but the Heat's defensive intensity dips, inevitably caused experts and fans concerns about the outlook for them this season to win. The face of the long 82-game regular season, the Heat This fact, is a last resort which just highlights the seasoned Spoelstra. Heat inside fatal soft when only through airtight defense to make up for the lack of inner strength, precisely because of the lack of inner strength, Spoelstra was to create the most suitable for the Heat's small-ball tactics, which is set for Heat's lineup * authentic nfl jerseys (http://www.authenticjerseydiscountstore.com) * tailored to develop offensive and defensive tactics. As for the other teams homes its director, mere copycat camel emulate the Heat small ball tactics, does seem absurd and ridiculous. Since the start of this season, the Heat to the field averaged 104.8 points topped the league, but lost points, averaging 100.3 points in the league in fourth from bottom, rebounds league penultimate. Despite the offensive firepower of the league, but bad defense has become the biggest stumbling block for the Heat won, this is indeed the Heat this season, the problems to be solved.

Adhere to the Heat's small-ball tactics, a senior tactical Bosh is top to the location of the center, James and Shane Battier rotation guest the power forward position, in addition to including defensive relatively weak Lewis play inside the rotation, caused by the inherent weaknesses of the Heat inside height. To compensate for the lack of interior defense, only the emperor or Wade the contraction inside help defense. Despite the Heat this lineup it insider attacks and peripheral firepower increased, but also caused by exhausting two flanking superstar on the defensive end. This will not only sacrifice they are proud of the rapid counterattack, the mobile complement bit defensive * nfl personalized jerseys (http://www.unlimiteddiscountjerseyshop.com) * and cause the effect is not very good, contrary to the perimeter defense of greater vulnerability, the main causes of failure in three games this season. This season, the Heat lost the three games are road loss to the Knicks, Grizzlies and Clippers. The field referee Foy, Chelsea adverse, the Akol the kick Nushe rival goalkeeper the ball dragged out beams in this game, but the referee gave the other croquet to know that before Chelsea corner consecutive words quite the threat, this obviously is a miscarriage of justice. In addition, Chelsea several closed area fell to the ground did not blow, can also see some clues,

Most balotelli the edge of the restricted area fell to the ground did not blow flopping the Palestinian God also exposing innocent expression, on this end of the game, and finally not too controversial picture. Benitez's first show was the end of the game most focus is Torres, his performance is critical because the coach with activation of the golden boy of the mission from the field in Abu also spectators, in addition to Drogba also appeared in the stands, these have a very profound meaning. We can easily find, * cheap authentic*nba jerseys (http://www.starjerseyswholesale.com) * three teams are the inner strength of a strong team, they are almost stereotyped like without exception, to start insider attract double teams, the Heat, both can not take into account, then the outside line formation vacancy crazy cast three stars strategy. Heat this season, the introduction of the original supersonic old couple - Ray Allen and Lewis, so firepower is greatly enhanced. Before joining the Heat, Lewis's career shooting percentage is 45.4%, 38.9% three-point shooting, now increased to 52.6% and 53.6% respectively; Allen's career shooting percentage is 45.3%, one-third of The ball hit rate is 40.1%, and now raised to 51% and 52.9% respectively.

Two old due to the presence of the "Big Three", there are more vacancies shots, their shooting percentage and three-point shooting to have reached a new career high, but after all the years of the unforgiving, 37-year-old Allen, 33-year-old Lewis also mobile speed has gone down, defensive intensity and ability to have slipped. Although they bring some improvement to the Heat on the offensive end, but due to the lack of defensive intensity, only kills a thousand self-harm 800. More importantly, Wade always harassing by injuries, and his injury problems hinder the Heat this season defending. Once handled properly, affecting the state of Wade in the playoffs, * authentic nfl jerseys wholesale (http://www.hotjerseywholesale.com) * the Heat To defending becomes extremely difficult. Last season, Wade missed a team 17 games, averaging playing time dropped to 33.2 minutes, a career-low scoring average dropped to the lowest outside than his rookie season 22.1 points, of course, that after the Big Three and the Heat attempts to reduce a great relationship. But 26.8% of the three-point shot was nearly the lowest in several seasons, this is partly explained by a number of problems. Last season a total of 66 games of the regular season, the playoffs, the Heat played 23 games. Wade attended the 49 games of the regular season and playoffs, missed 17 games of the regular season.