View Full Version : Deluxe Edition - Bonus Content???

11-28-2012, 04:34 AM
Good evening.

I've just purchased and downloaded the Deluxe Digital Version of the game, for PC, and I have no instructions on how to download the Bonus Content outside of the game (25 soundtrack MP3s, George Washington's notebook in PDF - and maybe something else; I don't quite remember - ).

I've already typed the code which I received (only got one code in the e'mail; is that it?) inside the EXTRAS section of the game, but that only unlocked some stuff inside the game (besides, there's nothing new listed there (inside the section) now, even after the unlock being confirmed by the game, so I don't know yet if the code really worked).

I would also like to know about the Season Pass included: will the DLCs be automatically available for free for my uPlay account, or will I have to use the same code again, somewhere? Because, right now, when I retyped it inside the game, the answer wich came back was "Code already used" or something like that.

From Brazil,
thankful for your attention.

P.S.: Does the game update automatically? How many patches/updates have been released so far?