View Full Version : dont leave games or UBI will stick you in a neverevending cycle of games that include

11-28-2012, 12:04 AM
Kids running around killing everything in sight
Kids running aimlessly and without a care about advertising themselves
People who think it is ok to kill steal your hidden focused poison because they dont know what that little symbol is and frankly care less than you do about reading a users manual
4 vs 3 or even worse the dreaded 4 vs 2
People who wander aimlessly because they know that they will be put into teams where people know what they are doing and they will earn the points for them so why should they bother?
People who are on the bathroom so even more wandering
People who dont care about running and getting a score of 100 when they dont even know that you get nothing since it is contested
games that include multiples of top 100 players -which i dont mind since i can handle myself - when your own team is nothing but friggen noobs who bought the game and all its erudito credits but lack the brain power to use it
Kids who think they are hiding when they are the only character hunted in a group but still think they are hiding

But why should i care when i get put into an endless cycle of the above? I dont care about rank - never have which is why i never played a ranked game - and i am slipping into the 30 k range but i still get better scores than some of the people that are in the top 100 when they are in the same game with me. Rank means nothing and dont think it does or you will be disappointed