View Full Version : Some questions about Brotherhood...

11-27-2012, 03:47 AM
When you are restoring Rome:

1) Are the buildings taller, than the previous state?

2) Do run down areas after restoration look more affluent?

3) Does the city look more bright and vibrant, after restoration and taken down the Borgia Towers?

I'm asking this because at the start of the game, it looks dull and depressing, and wonder if it brightens up as you eradicate the Borgia control.

4)Is it me, or does the level design for Rome feel poor? In terms of appearance is Rome accurately represented in the game?

It felt claustrophobic, for some of the alleyways, if I'm being honest!

Sorry to lump these questions on you guys, but I'm not feeling ACB atm, hope you guys can change my mind!