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11-26-2012, 07:44 PM
Present time, Desmond:
-Wasn't eaven aware of his templar/indian ancestor's and their skills, still arledy moves like one of them.
-Got Apple of Eden, hides it instead of useing it against templars.
-Have Connors hidden blades "Curious, most curious" from where.
-Got modern guns, still fires only one shot...
-And uses hand to hand methods eaven when its ineffective.
Past time, Connor:
-Alone in the middle of the forest, <whistle> ahh here's my horse.
-Got sword, cant use it when he's on the horse.
-Can swim ? you're god among man.
-Kills alone more then batalion of man, not a single ****...
-Ups wrong target, felt guilty and sad after.
-"Where are my men sergeant ?" "Some kid beat us down with bare heands"
-Doesn't have hidden blades, still kills like he had them.
-Almost whole posture of Connor comes out from the bush, nope still nothing there.
-Friend falls from the ship/roof when he's like 4m near him still not a single f**k...
-Stands behind , and on the other end of the ship/roof still is able to see that his mate is pulled by rope dart.
-"Sir hes behind a building" "Doesen't matter shoot anyway"...
-Scumbag guard see that his friend is getting grabbed fires anyway.
-Looking on the poster "mhm that's the guy" (Connor comes) "Hey guy's isn't that wanted dude from a poster ?" (Connor rips poster off) "Nope, definitly not him"
-Bad luck horse, behind a buildings, still gets shooted"
-Want to turn back ?, here let my stuck my head between those bushes.
-Jumps by almost everything, can't jump above little corn fence
-Annoying orphans, sees guards with muskets, and many other pepole ,phew (Connor comes near) runs towards him just to make some monkey sounds and strange moves.
-Shoots were fired, suddenly everyone starts to move like an Assassin.
-Ohh I see you've found a Piece of Eden. Let me remind about it through whole game.
-Want to fast travel to other place ? ups I've lost my icons, (after f. travel to other location of same map) aaah I've found them. U mad ?
-Buy some outfit, get invisible quiver for free.
-Need to take down someone quietly from a distance ? ahh forgot to tell you that I left arrows in the previous sequence.

U mad Ubisoft ?

If you found any other logic(or not) things post them ;D