View Full Version : AI problems

11-26-2012, 01:38 AM
I am realizing a lot of the problems I am having is with AI. They often drop bombs off target, more often than not they crash when I am coming in for a landing, and various other problems. Also my AI Stukka bombers, something is really going wrong, the bombs do not explode at all when dropped. Anyone have any thoughts? So far have not had any luck with what might be the problem. Very frustrating, why so many issues!!!!:mad::mad::mad:

Also when I had AI torpedo bombers attacking a ship, they started there attack run and all 4 of them flew into the water!

11-29-2012, 12:03 AM
AI aren't perfect and they will miss some of the time, bombs need to drop for at least two seconds before they hit or else they will not explode. When setting up a torpedo attack, don't set the attack altitude too low, they will drop to the proper altitude on their own so use at least, oh, 200m. It's best if you use individual torpedo planes, or no more than two in a particular flight since the wingmen tend to fly in trail and drop their altitude as they get ready to attack.

If you want to prevent your wingmen from crashing into you on landing, order them to 'return' to base; they will then go into 'landing mode' and find their way home. Be aware that once you give them this order, they will be unavailable for anything else, so wait until you are close to your base beforehand.

Good hunting.