View Full Version : XD This game suffers from the exact same console port issues as Skyrim on release.

11-23-2012, 09:18 PM
Slow framerate in cities, no SLI support. Granted, this partially needs to be an NVIDIA fix, but get with your GFX vendors and fix this before you release a product, for god's sake. Oh yeah, maybe hire an extra couple programmers to optimize the game, too. I'm sorry if you can't afford the extra payroll costs... you only generate almost a billion dollars in revenue every year.

Took Bethesda over a MONTH if I recall correctly to fix the framerate issues in cities in Skyrim, which I also consider ridiculous and which is why I'll never buy a Bethesda game at launch ever again.

Hey Ubisoft, you wonder why people pirate stuff because of your backwards, un-intuitive, DRM that helps literally NOBODY?

Hey Ubisoft, you wonder why people give you grief because you release a game on PC before it's ready and promote even more piracy?

Seriously, you're not stopping pirates. You're actually encouraging them to not buy your games because they know it's not going to run like it should on their rigs.

You don't care about your customers.