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Rune Katashima
11-19-2012, 12:00 AM
I suppose it's more a list of problems I found with the game rather than a Review, but I think that in itself speaks volumes about the game...

First, I love the Assassin's Creed games and I feel of all of them, Brotherhood was the best one. It added the most to the game and had the best “flow” along with the most compelling story. I was most excited to play this one.

Moving on I think there were a LOT of problems with AC3. For one the story feels highly unbelievable, I actually don't see why Connor has any reason to invest himself in to the American side of the Revolution. There are some slight reasons, but they don't feel like enough to kill some people. His land and killing William Johnson? Fine, I get that. See's some wrongdoing going on? He solves it, but that has little to do with being an American. I understood Ezio's and Altair's plight, but I don't feel as much sympathy for Connor, aside from specifically his Native heritage.

The camera likes to lock up while doing various things. I can eventually fix it, but it is incredibly annoying. Side objectives don't show up usually until it's too late. I can't tell you how often I have to restart a checkpoint or even an ENTIRE memory just because the side objectives were ambiguous. Speaking of that, the saving of checkpoints kind of sucks.

There was more than one occasion where I would walk and talk with an NPC and a scripted event would interrupt the conversation. Why was this game set up like this? I had no issues with this in previous games and I highly dislike this. I restarted and hung back just to hear everything they had to say.

Guard AI is kind of weird. Sometimes they will go investigate where they saw you (good) and then just sit there (bad). Even if it's totally weird for them to be perched on the edge of the ship and rest there for eternity. This seems like bad AI because I can 'reset' them by showing myself again and escaping before they fully “detect” me and they will remember they had a job (Patrolling or guarding something, whatever it may be). I didn't have this issue in previous games.

Forts. They were fun. One aspect bugged the crap out of me though. I once was in the frontier and I managed to drag a lot of guys out of the fort and kill them one by one, including the captain. I needed to get in anyway, and I like stealth, rather than just charging in. I saw a fallen tree created a path for me to get in over the walls. So I took it. Except that the minimum range Connor would allow me to get on to the tree required me to (literally) take one step out of the Fort radius to get on to the tree. I was in and out of the radius in less than 2 seconds, but everyone inside the Fort respawned immediately, wasting my effort earlier. That kind of pissed me off.

Kill animations and combat were awesome. Keep that up.

I don't like how incredibly slow the Homestead was allowed to develop.

The one button to interact with the world seemed more a detriment than a boon. I would whistle when I wanted to loot or pick up a body. I'll be honest, there were more than a few scenarios where this bothered me, but I can't remember them all.

Double Assassinations. Thank you for highlighting enemies so now I know for sure if I can or not. However, there are MANY times where two enemies are standing next to each other and are obviously able to be double assassinated, especially from air, but I can't for whatever reason. Sometimes hanging or manipulating Connor's position allowed me to, but this was arduous and difficult and sometimes impossible and I feel that is unnecessary.

Personal gripe; I wish Connor's name wasn't so arbitrarily picked in-game :(

I didn't feel as accomplished collecting Almanacks and Feathers as I did in previous games with Collectibles. This has a related thought. How empty the maps feel. In the older games Viewpoints would eventually allow you to see the entire map, even in AC1 (The Kingdom, anyone?). Being unaware of the terrain was highly unsettling. I know it's supposed to give you this feeling of exploration, but I couldn't do it efficiently, and that was the problem.

Rock and tree climbing? Awesome.

Haytham, Connor, and Desmond all having the same running animation even before Desmond went in to the Animus? Not quite as awesome. Weird, actually. The opposite of immersion.

The Naval battles were freaking awesome. I'd play an entire game based on that.

There are three [torches?] in the Underground that won't light. I know because I explored all of it even if I knew it was a dead-end and attempted to light everything. Which reminds me that some torches would not be lit when I came back, but most would. I don't know if they didn't light because my own game was glitched, or this is universal across all copies. (Not everyone falls through the floor at certain points, for an example). On the topic of glitches, I attempted to air assassinate a deer and there was a haystack nearby. The end result was falling through the game world. I don't know if it was because of the deer and haystack, but maybe? I never experienced it any other time.

This reminds me. My Bait, Arrows, and Snares will always be at 0 when I reload the game and sometimes when I reload checkpoints. This is the most frustrating issue in the entirety of the game and it caused me to not play it for lengths of time. Sometimes it would do it to my trip mines, sometimes I would gain smoke bombs I should not have had. I think poison darts as well. Bullets were fine, as were rope darts. On reloads I would sometimes lose trip mines I recovered, that I had placed during that memory. So if I start the memory with 2, place one during that memory, then recover it, if I reloaded I would have 1.

The problem I listed with the side objectives above was the second most frustrating issue. On that note, the Side objective of bringing the only two frigates down by shooting their weak points was arbitrarily hard and I understand that they don't NEED to be completed, but it is implied that you should. Not to speak of completionists (like myself). Those kinds of things cater to people like me anyway. I speak of that particular objective because I rushed for Ship upgrades and I had trouble not one-shotting the ships. It's one thing in a game if you're too weak to complete an objective. It's another if you're too strong and you have no control over toning it down. I eventually did it, though.

I list these things because I didn't have these problems in the previous games and from having followed the game being made and everything because I am an extremely devoted fan I know Ubisoft tried to make the game better and solve a lot of the previous problems in the series and I feel that this game has more problems than every game that came before it.

If it wasn't mentioned here it wasn't a problem or it was done well or good. I can easily summarize that everything else I enjoyed and I still enjoyed the game overall which makes these problems that much more frustrating for me.

I love you guys, please improve the game, possibly release a patch for some or all of these.

11-19-2012, 02:00 AM
Actually, Connor's name wasn't arbitrarily picked.

Although, yeah, there are a few problems and issues with the game regarding bugs and glitches, but fortunately there will be a big patch out next week to solve some issues.

Edited because I don't function well late at night without any sleep.

11-19-2012, 02:30 AM
I don't understand why so many people are annoyed (might be a bit too strong of a word) with AC3.

I spent nearly 30 hours marching through the game, although a lot of that was probably spent replaying a few segments trying to complete the optional objectives, and none of these "major bugs" as some are saying made me want to throw my controller at my PS3 and tomahawk the disc.

I encountered my fair share of bugs and awkward gameplay moments like jumping in the wrong direction, killing the wrong target, failure to double assassinate when in other games it would have easily been done, and countless other little annoyances. I seem to remember I spent nearly 2 hours on about 2 minutes of gameplay towards the end trying to 100% it before giving up because of a little bug, or my idiocy which is probably more likely. It might just be me but I didn't feel that it ruined the game and if I hadn't been so bothered about getting 100% I could have done it first time.

It seems to me that quite a lot of people have been so swept up in the hype prior to release that a few bugs have made them go into overreaction overdrive. If there have been bugs that have made the game literally unplayable then I can completely understand the complaints and they should rightly feel annoyed considering the game has been in development for so long.

I'm not having a go at anyone because I don't know the exact problems they are having, but me and one of my mates who have been stupidly excited for this game absolutely love it and the bugs have been a very very minor irritant it what was otherwise a stupendously good gaming experience, which we feel is in the top two AC games with AC2, if not the best.

11-19-2012, 02:51 AM
Desmond, Haytham and Connor don't have the same running animation.

Desmond has his run from AC2, Brotherhood and Rev. Haytham puts his hand on his sword and is rather upright when running. Connor is a lot lower to the ground and arches his back and puts his body into it a lot more than the others.

And as others have mentioned, Connor's named wasn't picked arbitrarily.

Rune Katashima
11-19-2012, 09:12 AM
Out of the 5 replies I received I'm a little upset that 4 of them are just picking out on the fact I didn't realize about Connor's name. That post was LONG guys, can you talk about any other part of it?

Also, I disagree BBALive if that wasn't already apparent. Their running animation is indeed the same.

@Spitefire: Actually, if you had read my post you'd have realized I talk about bugs very little. My post wholly talks about design issues that aren't fun. There's some bug talk in there but they were mostly minor so I didn't really care and the ones you mentioned actually existed in all the previous games. I only mentioned losing items because THAT'S A BIG FREAKING DEAL.

Also, I'm not really annoyed with the game. Well, nevermind, I guess I am. It's just that I love the series so much it bugs me that THIS is the ONLY one of them all that annoys me. Except Altair's Bloodlines. I actually just stopped playing that altogether.

11-19-2012, 09:22 AM
Also, I disagree BBALive if that wasn't already apparent. Their running animation is indeed the same.

Animations for Desmond, Altair and Connor are different..

FACT. You cannot disagree with that. sorry

11-19-2012, 09:53 AM
I am quite satisfied with the gameplay as a whole (bugs aside) and the new tree climbing/naval battles are fantastic! I also like that my health will recover over time instead of drinking potion. Save one, I think there is not enough impressive stealth infiltration mission. I miss sneaking in the Pope's castle.....The missing of crossing a battle filed with thousand-people-fighting is also a waste of potentially amazing gameplay.

However, I am hugely disappointed by the plot and the way the game presents it. (The ending for Desmon also sucks, but let’s just put that aside for the moment)

First of all, it is very not-engaging. The story consists of fragmented pieces of story. Prior to many important events, such as the Boston Tea Party incident and the signing of the Declaration of Independence, no arrangement is made to really allow the story to develop to the pivotal point. Instead, out of nth they just happened in front of you as you pressed the B button.... This is especially true for the signing of Declaration of Independence...just one cut scene and some bad jokes....what a waste!!!

Besides, the reason for Connor to fight is weak....Like the earlier player said....I dun see why he devoted himself to the course of assassins so much and also the American Revolution....Just because the Old Man told him a tale...he is like "Oh! Then I must stop the templar!!!!" and "Freedom" "Freedom"...

Finally, Connor’s behavior is very inconsistent which makes players hard to believe him as a real person instead of a character in a game. Given all the call for peace, protection of his people and dissatisfaction over Haythen’s unnecessary killings…I am very shocked when I pressed X and Connor killed XXXXX(Avoid Spoiler) with no hesitation when he was trying to stop his countrymen to fight back….

So I would say that Ubi kinda wasted a background for a potential great story.

11-19-2012, 04:57 PM
From what I get of the story, he's an Assassin because of what was done to his home, people and family as a young boy. Plus they're taking land away that isn't theirs.
I don't see why that's not understood? It wasn't just becuz Achilles told him a tale about the Templars - I think Achilles filled him in on the people responsible for his childhood trauma & he wants to set it right.
I think that's entirely believable.

11-19-2012, 06:02 PM
Animations for Desmond, Altair and Connor are different...

Actually, Conor and Desmond share their animations. Haytham has his own.

11-19-2012, 06:47 PM
Out of the 5 replies I received I'm a little upset that 4 of them are just picking out on the fact I didn't realize about Connor's name. That post was LONG guys, can you talk about any other part of it?.

Dude, you're dealing with a bunch of blinkered fanboys, who can't accept that their beloved franchise has dropped a turd. Don't expect any type of critical thinking from these people, let alone them addressing your well structured critique.

11-19-2012, 07:29 PM
@Rune Katashima (quotes scare me so I'm avoiding using them), I did read your post and thought you raised some good points, to suggest I didn't is a little unfair, my response wasn't aimed directly at you at all it was a wider response offering my opinion on what I feel has been the main talking point about the game since I came back to the forum, bugs. Just didn't think it would be worth creating an entirely new thread about it so popped it in here.

I agree that the loss of items was irritating, maybe less so for me because I never really used anything other than the tomahawk, hidden blades, bow, and pistol. Arrows and bullets were fairly easy to get just by looting. For somebody who used all the items quite a lot I can see how it would be a problem and totally agree that it shouldn't have been an issue in the first place.

With regards to the plot I agree that it was a little bit odd, and as you say some of the major events just seemed to happen without much of a warning and only a Shaun database entry explaining what just went on. But I really enjoyed the last few sequences, even if they were at times a bit tricky to follow, especially after replaying tiny bits of the memories so often I'd forgotten what was even going on. But as a whole I enjoyed it, but felt the Desmond segments could have been done better (won't go into them because of spoilers), I liked Connor as a character and felt the story held together well. However as I say I agree that some parts were a little random and felt rushed.

I understand yours and others' gripes with the game with things that were added/taken away, but personally I didn't feel any of it was ever an issue, just took a sequence or two to get used to. I think considering they built it from almost the ground up it was brilliant and an excellent base to push the series forward, hopefully after it's had a break for a few years so they can iron all the problems out and create a game with a compelling story and gameplay that makes people run around in giddy excitement.

11-19-2012, 07:31 PM
Honestly, you are concerned with the running styles?? Who cares really. It's an easy way to save time by just putting a new skin on the animation and tweeking it slightly.

I however would like to know how the musket carrying soldiers can warp to you when you're on a free run trying to flee and they have their gun out..they magically cover ground and whack you farther than the musket/bayonette can reach.

11-19-2012, 07:43 PM
Honestly, you are concerned with the running styles?? Who cares really. It's an easy way to save time by just putting a new skin on the animation and tweeking it slightly.

As long as he doesn't run like Steven Seagal, I have no complaints :)

11-19-2012, 08:10 PM
Actually, Conor and Desmond share their animations. Haytham has his own.
Again, No..

They all have different Animations. Pay closer attention..

EDIT: Probably best to Ignore him

11-19-2012, 09:54 PM
Yesterday, 11:00 PM#1

@Rune Katashima

1) the camera does lock up. It is annoying but not game breaking.

2) Open world games always have bugs like that, where conversations and scripted events overlap. The only thing you can do is slow down if you want to hear eveything the NPC is saying.

3) Guard AI can be "weird" at times, even frustrating, but I enjoyed the more difficult nature of this game...even though it was still easy.

4) Forts were stupid for a lot of reasons to me, but the forts in the frontier were the best. I get your beef with the enemies respawning though, if I was playing the way you played I would have been annoyed as well.

5) I loved the Homestead missions. They grounded Conner in the world and gave us deeper insight into his character.

6) Collecting everything in game is more a personal satisfaction than anything else. I liked unlocking Altair's robes and everything else. To each there own.

7) All the torches I tried to light, lit. I don't know what you tell you.

8) All your stuff started as zero? Never happened to me. Did you go by a store and refill everything?

I think a lot of what you had gripes with were just things that were/are opposed to your play style. Unfortuanate to say the least. I had my share of gripes with the game, but overall this is my favorite Creed game. The only one which drove me to complete it with everything.