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11-10-2012, 10:18 PM
If you've beaten AC3 you know Desmond dies. Why the **** would Ubisoft do this!!!!! I dont know they could have done something else besides hmm i dont know, KILL OFF THE ****ING MAIN PROTAGANIST!!!:mad: REALLY Ubisoft REALLY! Anyone recall actually playing through the franchise and witnessing Subject 16's puzzles. Their was the mentioning of The Shroud, which is a Piece of Eden that can resurrect people from the dead they could used that in AC4 or whatever the next AC game is called OR where is jupiter when you need him huh? NOWHERE BECAUSE UBISOFT ONLY PUT HIM IN REVELATIONS!!!!!!!!! In the next game they should bring him back in any way possible I dont care how just DO IT! Have desmond's dad and shaun and rebecca try to find the shroud and use it on desmond or jupiter resurrect's desmond and activate his first civilazation DNA making Desmond powerful enough to destroy Juno and save humanity and if Ubisoft wants to get rid of Desmond go with my storyline and get rid of him in the next game but in A GOOD ****ING WAY. Dont just go like hey ALTAIR HAD A GOOD ENDING, EZIO HAD A GOOD ENDING AND DESMOND WERE JUST GOING TO **** HIM UP AFTER 5 not 4 but 5 GAMES!!:mad: Ubisoft dont mess up the game next time just please bring desmond back and after the next game have him walk off with his dad and friends (happy ending)whilst humanity is saved just dont metion him after the next game AC5 or whatever the game after the next game is called PLEASE PLEASE BRING DESMOND BACK..But remember this is not concerning the actual game just the desmond part.

11-10-2012, 10:21 PM
Oh for...


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There's threads already discussing the ending in the hints and tips section.

Moving this there as that's where spoilers currently go.

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