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11-10-2012, 01:39 PM
So I started to notice that when people made a thread about frame rate problems including myself there were a group of people saying that there game was fine and that my tv or xbox had something wrong with them .... Okay, wow, yeah of course so I have been playing games on my xbox 360 slim for 2 years and it still runs every game fine the same goes for my tv but suddenly I pop in assassin's creed 3 and all of a sudden my tv and xbox broke yeah pull the other one... Don't even bother saying that there is something wrong with my disc because there simply isn't.

People didn't get different versions of AC 3 it's just that when I or anyone else talk about frame rate problems we don't mean in the conventional sense where the frame rate will drop low and stay there, in fact that only happened to me at one part it was a mission on horseback near the beginning of the game where a lot of stuff was happening on screen and it only lasted for a few seconds. Why do you guys think nobody complains about frontier and homestead gameplay in terms of frame rate??? It's because those areas are locked at 30 FPS while the frame rate is unlocked in the cities which is where the problems take place.

The problem isn't that the frame rate gets low it's that the frame rate is constantly fluctuating in the cities because it's unlocked which basically means that the frame rate is used kind of like a counter balance where the frame rate will drop lower or rise higher depending on what the game is doing at that moment and this is a bad design choice imo. this leads to choppy gameplay this is the real culprit and this is where gameplay doesn't actually slow down but it isn't fluid at all this is why some people don't notice this all though it is a major problem.

UBISOFT READ THIS PART: When the game runs at 30 FPS it is smooth as glass ... "This is the sweet spot for judder-free gameplay as it synchronises to the common 60Hz output of HDTVs, leaving us wishing the lock at this figure was a permanent one." - Digital Foundry- Eurogamer ubisoft please patch this issue although if you can don't disengage permanent v-sync as I don't won't torn frames every second which is the one area where I can actually praise Assassin's creed 3 as there is no screen tear anyway good luck with the patch I hope it fixes everyone's MAJOR problems as I know a lot people here are rambling on about small problems just for the sake of it. :D