View Full Version : Assassin's Creed III Uplay PASSPORT not working?

11-09-2012, 10:51 AM
I ordered AC3 PS3 US version online here in Japan. There are two accounts that I use and the first account I used to try to activate my was my Japanese one. The first try took very long to detect my passport and just went back to the menu screen. After I reset my PS3 and try again, it finally showed the code enter screen but the code didn't work so I went on my U.S. account and tried to enter the code and it still was "The code you entered may not be correct or may no long be valid. Please check your entries."

Has anyone had this happen or can help me out?

11-09-2012, 12:19 PM
Hi there,

for code issues - you need to contact Ubisoft Support - links are below.

please make sure to explain the issue, as you have here - so they have all the information - they may also require photo's of the code cards / bar code on the box and proof or purchase information [which you should have standing by just in case!]