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11-09-2012, 08:04 AM
AC3 is a great game but has the potential to be so much better, it could have been game of the year or more. I came across a glitch in every mission, sometimes the Naval Battle music wouldn't stop, even upon exiting the animus the music would play. I ended up shutting the music off because the problem simply would not fix itself. Whenever I would load a saved game, the game would freeze for anywhere between 5 seconds to a minute somtimes it would freeze twice. The environment is full of holes too, I have fallen through the map 5 times playing the game and got stuck inside a tree, literally inside a tree.

A lot of the cinematics had issue too, a few times the words wouldn't match the sound and even the lips wouldn't move at all.

The optional objectives are a major neuscence, yes they provide challange but most of the time they take the fun out of the game, such as the "Don't push anyone" opt. obj. I cannot control the people or when Connor pushes.

Then there are the hacks after you beat the game, if it is going to be IN THE GAME, leave it IN THE GAME. Don't make it tie in online, a good number of people will be disappointed in that they cannot participate in that.

Speaking of Beat the game, the Altair outfit at the end is one of the most crappy outfits I have ever seen in a game today. I don't know if it is a glitch or just crapped up, but the bottom half sticks to his legs and it completely ruins it, if it was DLC I'd understand but it's in game content and should be up to the games standards. I mean we have you work hard for that stupid thing, give us our moneys worth. You don't make people work 18 hrs a day 7 days a week then pay them a Nickel.

Also, when you beat the game, Connor keeps his hood down. WHY? One of the biggest things in Assassin's Creed is the hood, we want it up.

And why would you kill Desmond? Do not give us a character, a hero, the main protagonist, someone you force us to relate to, then kill him. That is like giving us a puppy letting us keep it then shooting it in the face. Then Juno takes the world over? I don't expect a happy ending all of the time but saving the world and livng to be the master of all Assassin's with a big dot dot dot on the Templar war would have been just dandy.

What happened to the pimped out Hidden Blade? The one we all used to work hard and get all the cool gadgets for from Leo. The hidden gun, the poison dart shooter/injector, the awesome hook blade from Rev. That stuff was awesome, like batman's utility belt. Yeah it is a lot to work through but with the new set up it would have worked a LOT better than in previous games.

Why get us excited about the Leo flying machine plans? We crash the dang thing then never see it again. Why couldn't it be something usefull and could be used in the game like the parachute?

Oh and if you are going to do the guild challanges, do them really freaking early because a lot of the challanges cannot be accessed after you beat the game, like the "Listen to all of Washington's conversations" Low and behold Connor disownes him and you never see him again and cannot complete that challange after. I don't even know how to get the couriers to come out, I ran into two the whole game.

I can't even complete the encyclopedia of the common man because the wordworker says 2/3 and below that it says "Woodworker complete veiw log in..." so I completed it but I didn't complete it, an obvious glitch. Also, it isn't right to stalk people, which is what you have to do in order to complete this task.

A lot of the side quests don't even show up on the map, I spent a whole day trying to find the dang brewery to complete the Brawler challange. couldn't figure out where the heck one of the liberation missions went in NY top left. And Dscovered there is a hidden assassin contract in the bottom of the Frontier. That stuff needs to be on the map, it's a big map and running in circles to find it is like a needle in a barn filled with hay.

I feel that all of this just isn't right and it just ruins the game for me.

It was all there too, the running was fixed and is more fluid, the fights are more brutal, the hidden blade turns into a knife to make us more aggressive, the story is compelling and sympothetic, the other new weapons like the ropedart and the bow and arrow are awesome; I love to hang enemies like Predator and shoot people with a Bow Robin Hood Style. The costumes that aren't crappy are actually pretty cool like the Achilles Outfit and the Captain Kidd.Did I mention the Corner Executions? Haha! and you don't even have to wait for guards to do this move, you can whistle and they come to you! BRILLIANT!

I don't know if it was an accident or an easter egg but when Achilles is dying on his bed, that whole cinematic is almost identical to Return of the Jedi. Master dying in bed, apprentice sitting by him, master goes "Kill your father" Google them both and you will see. I laughed when I saw that.

Asside from the previously stated issues, the graphics were great, like when you run through the water, you actually WADE through the water, there is resistance, as with the snow. And when Connor runs you can see him pushing himself.

So overall I say it was a great game, but all of the issues, though there aren't really all that many, were huge and really take the experience away.

Tell me what you think; do you agree, did you have the same issues? Review for yourself.

11-09-2012, 08:10 AM
I agree with you on all the bugs and the Desmond part could have had some more work done on his story. I Didn't expect Leos inventions to end up in America nearly 200 years later. The bugs are fixable though. I loved this game and IMO its the best AC yet, so much can be improved on for future games.

11-09-2012, 08:37 AM
it just feels so disconnected from the other games. I never felt like I was in the same order as ALtair or Ezio, I never felt like Connor ever developed as a character and Desmond's ending was god awful in every way. Ubi promised us he'd get his time to shine, instead they tease us. The ending left a horrible taste in my mouth. Alos I tihnk the camera was way too close

11-09-2012, 09:07 AM
I liked Connor. He is the way he is because his parents had both gone by the age of 5. He felt he was fighting against a serious problem. And I loved Desmond's ending.

11-09-2012, 09:10 AM
And I loved Desmond's ending.

11-09-2012, 09:14 AM
it just feels so disconnected from the other games. I never felt like I was in the same order as ALtair or Ezio, I never felt like Connor ever developed as a character and Desmond's ending was god awful in every way. Ubi promised us he'd get his time to shine, instead they tease us. The ending left a horrible taste in my mouth. Alos I tihnk the camera was way too close

Well, desmond did get his well deserved screen time in the portions you get to play as him. I thought it was done right and a lot of fun. And when you say "shine," well, he did technically "shine" just probably not the way he had been wanting.

11-09-2012, 09:17 AM
I'd have hated the ending if it was the absolute end point of AC games. Absolute, nothing after that. But it isn't, so I liked it. Same as, Lucy dying and Desmond ending up in Coma would have been a horribad ending if it was the absolute end, but it wasn't, so I liked it too. My opinion and all that.