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Element CL
11-04-2012, 08:46 PM
because I want MORE!!! I understand that what IS in the game probably took a whole bunch of hard work. The level of detail makes that pretty obvious, but that's no excuse for cutting other good things out or blatantly leaving things unfinished. Like the ending for example. I'm sure most of the developers wish they could have done much more with it. At the end of the game I felt that nothing important was truly added to the storyline, they sort of recycled the same theme. In the previous games the characters plot blended into the non-fictional history without being too ridiculous to the history itself, which was something that was really fun for me. In this game there were surprises in the story that just didn't have any explained reason to be surprises. Without spoiling anything, there is just an unrealistic lack of diplomacy. It doesn't feel like the Assassins are paying as much attention to the politics around them and are concerned only with killing people that have been sworn enemies. I'm not sure if that's supposed to represent some change in the way of them over the years, but if it is, that change needed much more explanation, or maybe continuation, then was included in this game's story. Also, I've been waiting a long time for some kind of revelation about the connection of these two secret societies with other big figures in the storyline, and that was sadly very absent in this one.

There were a flurry of small glitches that all together make the game seem messy at times. Some things were just weird for no reason. How come sometimes when I go into the animus menu, there is classical violin playing? I'd say this happened once out of every 30 times I entered the menu. Map icons go missing, that is VERY frustrating when you're such a fan that you just have to find everything in the game.

Most of the fighting and movement mechanics were great but some of the new things were difficult to understand with the missing training missions that I was used to, and by the time I got the hang of it all I was almost done with the storyline. I'd have liked an animus training mission for fighting and shooting while in horseback. Hunting would tend to get pretty sloppy when you were up against an animal that would do a quick button sequence but couldn't find an approach to you.

The good does outweigh the bad by a long shot, but it seemed like so much improvement was concentrated on a few parts of the game, that the bar was lowered on a lot of other stuff. All I can say is I'm hopeful that updates and DLC will fill these gaps, I'm sure I'll be getting them.

11-04-2012, 08:49 PM
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