View Full Version : Comparo: Uber Cougar vs. Warthog

10-31-2012, 03:27 PM
After getting over my teething pains with the Warthog I've had some time to really work with it vs. the UberKitty and I think I'm well versed enough now with both to make some determinations.

Programming: Tie - Both sticks have versatile and powerfull programming software. FOXY for the Cougar is older and requires more knowledge but it's also more versatile once you've learned it. The TARGET software suite is far simpler to use by noobs and casual gamers who don't want to learn a new language. Normally this would give the WH the edge BUT there's no way to program the use of toe brakes in TARGET without having to go through machinations. Plus if you want to use pedals and have them programed in TARGET you have to have them connected to your old Cougar stick. Not a very easy way of continuing to use my Simped Rudder pedals. With these limitations in TARGET programming remains a tie.

Versatility: Tie - Again there are pluses with each HOTAS. The Kittty has far fewer switches and buttons than the WH but the WH is a far more modern stick. But where the Cougar maintains its edge is in programable rotaries that can be used for things like trim or other functions. Potentially the WH will be able to counter this if and when the split throtttle becomes usable for dual engine aircraft in IL 2. Right now using buttons for trim control sucks on the WH.

Feel: Uber Cougar - When the springs are right the Uber Cougar set-up feels better, more precise and is top notch. The feel of the NXT stick is superoor to the WH which, while good and solid, requires strangth to use. It also has a very noticeable center detent which a lot of Uber Cougar users use the mod to get away from. I find the WartHog throttle hook up to be superiior in feel. It has a superior friction mechanism and the LED's make it pretty easy to use in the dark. I could run the WH trhottle with the UberCougar stick but I'm not because the **** springs are busted again!

Reliablilty: Warthog - This is why I switched in the first place. I LOVE LJ's UberCougar NXT mod. It works great. BUT the friggen springs break on a regular basis. After reinstalling the 4th set of springs I gave up. If one is good with tools and has small, nimble fingers then spring replacement on the Cougar ain't all that hard, but I'm not and I don't. Plus you have to send to Australia to get the **** things. Nope,, I'm finished with that business. Spring replacement became a dreaded yearly chore and I'm done with it.

Fit and Finish - Warthog - I know it's early yet with the WH but truth be told the cheap paint on my Cougar was wearing off in a million different places. The throttle was down to bare metal in a million spots and I as worried about the lead content of the paint being applied by our Chinese friends. Thus far the WH is holding up well to abuse and seem to be at a whole nother level of fit and finish than it's older brother.

Verdict: Warthog - As far as I'm concerned reliability trumps all. As good as the Cougar NXT mod was and is , it is in the end undone by all too destructable springs. The Warthog is a tank, and while it handles like one and takes getting used to, you'll never have that sinking feeling of having your stick go "POINK" in the middle of a dogfight. Hope this helps you out.