View Full Version : Problems with AC:B Guild Challenges

10-28-2012, 12:10 AM
I've done all the Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild challenges but two challenges still elude me. The "Kill an Enemy at a Guard Post with the Crossbow Undetected" for the Courtesans and the Kill Streak of at least 5 kills for the Mercenaries.

I have performed dozens of undetected kills on guards at guard posts using the crossbow, usually while blending with the courtesans. But they don't register on the Guild Challenges Board. Chaining kills is very difficult anyway, which is probably why I'm not getting anywhere with that particular challenge.

Also, with only 1 challenge left to complete with both the Courtesans and the Mercenaries the game tells me I haven't advanced any levels with those guilds.

Is the failure of the Courtesan Guild to register my Xbow kills on static guards a glitch perhaps?