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10-25-2012, 04:46 PM

I've been wondering (since the anouncement at E3) if the Assassin's Creed III: liberation PS Vita Bundle (with a White PS Vita) will come to Europe? (I don't know if this has been discussed yet, i searched first and couldn't find anything about it).
I know i can easily pre-order it at US(only) online shops (like GameStop and Target). But nowhere in Europe, not even to mention there been NO word about it at all for Europe by any news site, wich dissapointed me greatly if i'm honest.
I know it's less then a week away, but still, i want(ed) a 100% YEs or NO, so i decided to call PlayStation myself.
They told me they had no info what so ever, because they did not create/design the bundle, so then they adviced me to call Ubisoft, and so i did.
So when i called Ubisoft, they also said (almost) the same, sorry sir, we DO NOT have that info, and so they adviced to go to the Ubisoft Forum.
So here i am and what do i find here? NOTHING! totally nothing at all about the bundle (as far as i could see).
So i would like to hear from you guys if you know anything, or even better, if any official could answer this.

I know it's less then a week (as mentioned), but when it comes to AC Universe, i'm very unpacient when it comes to uncertain items/news.
I'm crossing all my fingers and toes here, in hopes it will release next week in Europe, i really prefer not to import it from the US.
But if not, then ill have no choice but to import it.

My apologies if i seem a but rude/harsh, but i'd really like some answers or atleast some replies to this matter


10-25-2012, 05:19 PM
I would believe that it would be available at GameStop over there.

10-25-2012, 05:23 PM
According to Gamestop.co.uk, they do not have the Crystal White Vita package. You would have to buy the Vita, and than buy Liberation.

12-28-2012, 07:12 PM
It seems that we just have the "normal" Vita with the game as a bundle. This suxx! How hard can it be to release white, green, blue, whateverothercolor!? As long as people are interested in buying consoles they just MUST to adopt. But this is Sony so they don't care much about their users nor about their selling.