View Full Version : About Gardener's Haven...

09-27-2012, 10:26 PM
First off, I love the game and it's only getting better with updates! I've followed this since the game was called Horse-Gaga. I'm glad you put in the feature to be able to move trees and weeds, it helps so much. But, They still grow exponentially fast... After waiting three days of not clearing any trees when I log on I currently have a total of 62 trees and growing. Not kidding! As we all know, that's a lot of energy to use up! I constantly clear weeds with keeps my ranch looking decent enough. And with the new moving feature I have constructed a small forest on my ranch complete with minature trails for my horses. I am currently level 32, again thank you for adding more levels :), I'm working on my intermediate training and competition and I would really like to be able to use more energy on my horses instead of clearing. I was just wondering if maybe the growing could slow down a little bit because my ranch can't hold much more! I was also wondering about the importance of having a trailor since the update? I have a luxurious trailor that is just sitting beause of the new map feature allowing us to compete. I just wondered if there was a point to having the trailor anymore?

To sum it up: should I keep my trailor? And could you make it so the growing slows down?