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09-16-2012, 07:28 PM
Every time i try to pay using the Moonybooker, Nordea or Visa electron i get a error message saying this:

For your security and proper processing, your order information has timed out.

Please restart your order.

We apologize for your inconvenience.

I live in Sweden and i'm runnig a 64-bit windows 7 computer, if you need more detaild information just ask
I hope this can help you solve the problem

09-17-2012, 10:55 AM
Hi RaveLord1994,

Thanks for this info, I'll pass it on to the devs and ask that they look into it.


09-18-2012, 03:19 PM
I get the same error message when I have tried to pay using anything other than Credit Card. I would love to be able to pay using Pay Pal, but for now I guess I'll just play the game for free.

Note: It is especially annoying that I can't get PayPal to work because when I try with my credit card, I get a message that MasterCard is not accepted for Duel of Champions at this time. (At the moment, I don't own a Visa card.)

In any case, when I try to use PayPal (or any other non-credit card option that I have tried), I get exactly the same message as RavenLord. That is, my machine opens up a web browser window and displays the message "Your order information has timed out".

I am also running Windows 7 (64-bit). My default web browser is Internet Explorer 9.

09-18-2012, 04:33 PM
I've notified the devs of this problem.

FYI: we've just added PayPal to the payment options, and fixed the Mastercard issue. Hope this helps!


09-18-2012, 10:59 PM
i tried again and it works now exept that it opens a internet explorer window when i use fire fox as my default web browser