View Full Version : Ibanez Mikro review from Guitar Player point of view......

08-18-2012, 04:54 AM
With the new Bass DLC I went out looking to find at Bass to use in the game. Being that I will really never play Bass outside of the game I decided on a short scale as it is closer to what I have been using for many years as a guitar player. In the end I decided on the Ibanez as it had the shortest scale I could find so took the plunge and ordered one blind as no stores had one in stock.

It turned up yesterday and so far first impressions are positive. Action was as set up reasonably good at the factory so didn't really need to tweak it and the size is exactly what I was looking for. Side by side it is about the same size as my Prestige guitar so sits nicely in my rack along with my other guitars.

I guess the big question was how it would sound in game especially after the comments popping up about sound levels.......I had already used the guitar to begin my bass journey but found I didn't need to tweak the settings at all..... The sound comes through nice and you can hear it over the track no issue at all and the tone seems to be adjustable enough to fit it into most songs.

Overall if you are a guitar player looking for a good cheap option to enjoy the Bass expansion I would recommend you check out this unit..........