View Full Version : AC II Lagging randomly on a great gaming computer

07-20-2012, 03:06 AM
Hello Guys, I just recently bought Assassins Creed II (For PC) and have experienced random lag spikes while I am playing. When it starts lagging the frame rates become so low that it is unplayable. What should I do?? I also tried installing the patch, but the patch installer says " Could not retrieve the version number! Installation will be Aborted".

Here are my computer Specs:

Intel Core i7- 2760QM CPU @ 2.4 GHz - (3.5 GHz)
6.00 GB of Ram
64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium
Nvidia GEFORCE GT 540M

Thanks for the help guys

07-21-2012, 04:03 AM
great PC .. not sure about the graphic card though -not saying its' bad, i don't know much about that card-

anyway , i was facing that issue 2 in both ac II and ac brotherhood .. although my PC is also good and doesn't lag at any other game .. BUT .. it worked totally fine on ac revelations .. although revelations is newer and has more quality. so i think -not sure though- that the problem comes from the game more then it's from ur pc..