View Full Version : CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Trophy Glitch - Solution

07-19-2012, 08:50 PM
OK there is a trophy called CSI: Fatal Conspiracy, which is basically beating the game and for some reason it glitched on me and did not unlock. However, while I found a solution for it I screwed myself even more. Here is what happened.

I had 24/26 trophies in the game which the last two were the trophy mentioned above and the platinum. As per the suggestions of Warbear (thanks) I borrowed my friends PS3 and tried to do it on his console.

Your PS3 > Account Management > System Activation > PS3 System > Game > Deactivate > if done properly a message should pop up saying "Deactivation completed".

Friend's PS3 > create a new User (See Warning info below) > Sing Up as an Existing Member > use the email & password of the account you want to earn the trophy in and log in > while playing the game be sure to be off-line. Play the entire game over again and after earning the platinum (assuming it doesn't glitch on you again) sign in to the PSN and sync your trophies.

Warning: if you do not create a new user on your friend's PS3 and their account was never signed up whatever trophies they have earned will also sync to you. For my demise my friend had never plugged in his PS3 to the PSN and never signed up for a PSN ID. He earned 1 trophy (God knows how long ago) in Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. Of course the online servers are closed and the 2 online trophies are no longer obtainable and I got screwed even more.

If you need proof to see that this works simply check out my profile and you can see the time stamp of the trophy.