View Full Version : A friendly suggestion and hope for the AC III Team.

06-10-2012, 11:00 PM
Oh my gawd dudes! Thanks so much for making this game. It is as if someone took my dream game and actually made it with unbound passion. I love the tree climbing and parkour animation! It is the best I've seen in any game yet, and you all are blazing a new trail with your seamless animation!

I noticed in the frontier demo when Connor initially jumps onto the cliff before infiltrating the fort he is able to maintain his momentum horizontally as he goes into his climb! Bravo! You all are so talented and I know the end product will be wild beyond belief.

The cinematic trailer was (big surprise) awesome as well. I just have a hope that you can include three key things that I saw in that particular trailer: the ability to use the horse as cover by changing riding positions a la shadow of the colossus, the ability to jump into or over a crowd by using people as springboards to boost up on, and the ability to shoot the bow in slow motion mid-air.

I know that this game will rock regardless and you people have it all under control. I'm offering these ideas and hopes with all the humility possible and can't wait to play this game. Thanks for being so awesome! Keep up the good work.

06-10-2012, 11:22 PM
1. Using horse as cover while riding: I'm confident this will be included in the game. Why else would they put it in the trailer?

2. Jump over/into a crowd using person as springboard: I'm really unsure about this. It would be awesome when an HVT is hiding behind his goons and you wanna take the boss out before the rest.

3. Slow motion bow: I highly doubt this will be in the game. It was a cinematic trailer like you said, so it was just supposed to look cool. Besides, too many games these days have slow-motion. i.e. Max Payne, Watch Dogs, RDR, Sleeping Dogs, etc etc.