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06-06-2012, 12:49 AM
Hello House fans I would like to offer this tip for all the people out there that i see asking this one question over and over. "How do I make money?"

The best and easy way in this game i have found for making money is one of 3 ways.

1. When you have a story quest to do the hidden object mini game the faster you do this the more money you will earn, it is best if you have friends to help them with there cases. While not acculy making you money, this will allow you to see many hidden object mini games and learn where the items are so that when it comes time for you to do it on your own case you can get your game done quickly. I have been able to complete my tasks in 15-20 seconds earning me around 200-250 budget.

2. The next way and this is the best way to make money I have found is the blood lab, this bad boy is your best friend in the game. For one it is rather easy to do for a game and even at lvl one my record of 20 cells matched can earn you a quick 50-60 budget. Now this may not seem allot if you put everything aside and make it the number one thing you upgrade at lvl 2 these same 20 cells can make you around 120-150 budget. I have at the moment a lvl 3 blood lab and I can make 200-300 budget very quickly per person I see. Love the blood lab make it your friend, upgrade it as soon as you can, and every chance you get.

3. Many people may think I am going to say the MRI next but you would be so wrong. I hate this thing, it is the spawn of the devil it could be the fact that i am bad at matching games or something but if i am lucky i get 11 matches and make 50 bucks yuck yuck. Upgrade this if you want, but really I have a better way of making quicker cash. Now the MRI is about 40-50 bucks cash unless your better at it then me, however for the same 40-50 bucks cash your clinic people who need quick care are the best. The ones who need blood drawn, shots given and heart machines done. They are easy cost only one energy and net you around 50 bucks. Screw the people who need stitches i can never get more then 10 bucks off of them.

On the last note stay away from the ward and the pills. The war/pills are a big money and time waste that need to be fixed, and I hope some one from ubisoft reads this. Pills cost allot to upgrade for only a 3% raise and then allot to make them. Your average person need 3-5 pills and then hinds you like 12 bucks and walks away. This is a big loss to you in the game. The only time you you send the person to get pills is if you need something for the main story your working on, like if you need an 02 mask sent a heart person to get pills and then only make the pills he or she needs. The ward make seem like it gives alot of money but nt in the long run, only use it if you need favor. The thing about the ward is yes you make like 100 bucks from it but think about it, each person needs around 3 items thus sending 3 people to get pills, to get those items so the time and money to get the items from the pills, then if you don't have the right doctor you sitting around for 6 hours to wait fro the favor. If your into making money this whole system is a waste.

Thanks for reading i hope this becomes a sticky and i hope you all like it.:p:cool:

06-06-2012, 04:24 AM
ty very much for the tips helpful makes less frustrating.

06-15-2012, 11:07 PM
Thanks - great tips!

06-21-2012, 11:12 AM
Good tips :) Thank you.

However, I think you should add on the Blood Analysis machine that you shouldn't upgrade. Since upgrading, the mini-game has been ridiculously hard to play, with far too many cells. Stick to Level 1, and don't bother upgrading - saving yourself the money of upgrading alone, plus the bonus of still being able to play the game and collect a lot of cells = money, money, money!

06-22-2012, 03:19 PM
Thanks to everyone who posts helpful things such as these!

House MD Team