View Full Version : Bg and e HD issue

05-26-2012, 04:25 PM
Beyound good and evil is a fantastic game though i would've liked a glaring invert aim issue to have been fixed with the HD makeover. Either you can look left while the gameworld spins right but the camera is up-down and down is up or when you look left the gameworld also turns left but behing jade's camera is now up-up and down is down.

Since i play inverted with the camera up-down why when i'm walking around must i suffer left is right or in the hovercraft left is also right.

I should have the ability to turn left and go left and also aim up and look down.

When BG A E 2 arrives i expect this will be the norm as it wouldn't be acceptable in modern games imagine trying this in ghost recon aim through scope inverted but try crouchrunning left and run right into enemys on the right side which means you'd have to run right to go left.

Great HD update though i would've expected outdated and confusing controls updated to modern standards.

06-01-2012, 05:30 AM
yeah, the controls are a known issue... unfortunately there's no foreseeable future for an update. it's been brought up numerous times and just gets ignored. quite sad really. the controls don't bother me so much, but a number of people feel extremely crippled by them.