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05-20-2012, 11:20 AM
Hey there,
I saw that the bug is already known that you might get the start menu again after breeding (Breeding Stable). Because yesterday I had some problems with loading the game and so on and I did breed a retired horse (Standartbred) to get another one of that breed. After breeding her I sent her to the rainbow because I needed the space so I could buy a Saddlebreed which I needed.
Between the breeding and rainbow thing I reloaded the game twice or so and I recognised that the breeding stable menu is still there but I could see my foal which I just bred in the stable and in my horse menu.

After checking the forums and seeing that the bug is known I went to bed and thought the foal would be here this morning (8 hours later or so xD) but nothing! It's still shown in the stable but it's not there?
I really would need to get it because it's my only Standartbred now and I don't really have the money to buy a new one and it's also blocking a box in my stable :/

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Thank you in advance

Edit: I was also able to breed again in the breeding stable now so the Standartbred foal is definitifely missing :(

05-27-2012, 12:28 PM
Just made a picture today, nothing changed.
The foal is blocking one stable space and is showing in the menue bar but not on the screen