View Full Version : Horse Pictures

05-19-2012, 04:39 AM
So I'm pretty annoyed at losing Horse Saga because I loose the horses I've bred for markings and am being forced to use horses that look all the same. So here's my idea.

When you're viewing the entire ranch you see the horses look the same, but when you select a horse and view its details it has a large image of the horse showing various markings just like Horse Saga. So instead of the tiny little pointless photos on the horses now of the head shot and side view its a large close up image that shows the horse's markings which are different from another horse with a similar markings. So we could have some variation like Horse Saga had. You could also include breeds in that. You've already got the Horse Saga images made up, why not just use them again on here since you're removing the game.

It would have a little more use to breeding too for me. I've been playing since open to try and give it a chance and now I'm just bored. You need something more to do because frankly its just another farmville to me. At least Horse Saga was different.