View Full Version : thecrimsonking looking for a clan

05-18-2012, 04:25 PM
hey guys, my game name is thecrimsonking, dunno if youve ever seen me in game or not buttt
im lookin to join or start a clan, ive looked through lots of the recruitments ads and stuff but i honestly dont really want such serious gameplay, i guess im looking for casual gameplay, but with good players, or atleast good team players, and also fun or nice people. i speak english spanish dutch and french pretty fluently, and can understand alot more so language isnt too much of an issue with the european servers
info on me:
i play recon, and switch between sniping and smg, based on my mood or map, or people on my team
i am (or was since open beta is starting soon) a level 24 recon, and playtime is aboutt 50 hours
i dont like using any bugs to my advantage and get pissed when other people do, i like things fair
ummm i think my lifetime k/d was like 1.8, but my 'k/d for the last week has been between 2.1 and 2.5 for a couple weeks (i guess i was **** when i first started(; )
in the leaderboard i think it said i was 200th for kills, but i think thats only in europe and for recon class, and similar ranks for other stuff like points captured
i do have a headset w/ mic but dont really use it, i will if i find people i realy like to play with tho
ive been playing since the begning of april so you can do the math and see how much time i play per week if that matters to you
cant really think of much else to say, and i dont like talking about myself too much so if you want reply on this thread or message me and we can talk
also if you wanna know anything else just say :D
(afterthought) i'm not an annoying 12 year old.

07-02-2012, 06:01 PM
Hey, check us out. You don't have to be a "serious" gamer to be in our clan. All you need to do is act mature, have a mic, and communicate. I'm not a serious gamer at all. I play to do exactly that, play and have fun. Co to www. tacticalgaming.net and check us out. If you like what you see just register, and tell them that I referred you. And if you have any questions please PM me.