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05-16-2012, 10:42 PM
I don't know if I"m doing something wrong or what, but I'm getting nowhere. I have a string of quests to complete that I can't because everything is so limited.

I need to build a rainbow and send one of my horses. I can't build the rainbow because it costs 1500, I can't get over 500 due to constantly having to replenish carrots and apples to treat my horse. I only have one horse because of the money issue, can't afford to buy one only to send it to the rainbow.

Place 10 dirt paths. These cost 300 each, or 3,000 to finish this quest, see above about money.

Cut 10 trees and redeem the tree collection. Cutting trees is no problem, but can't redeem the collection when there are no items to collect to redeem.

Buy a standardbred from the shoip...cost of 7500, see above about money.

Send a horse to saddle seat competition in Croupton. I can't get the horse to go anywhere. It's trained at 2 stars, when I click Croupton on the map it says send the horse to the trailer. I click the trailer and it wants money to upgrade. Can't afford to upgrade...how does it go to compete?

Build 4 composts, 1500 each, or 6,000 to finish. Not possible due to the previously mentioned money issue

Build a bakery...6,000 Again, can't afford it. Also, because I can't build a bakery I can't make the treats my horse wants to remain super happy.

Build a breeding station 3,000 Again, can't afford it

Breed my 1-star junior league saddle seat trained horse with a horse with one breeding badge. Can't afford to buy and train another horse.

I have also had mini quests to exercise my horse by moving it through 30 squares, it stated I can have my horse move by clicking an empty square, but I do that and the horse does not move. The only way to do those mini-quests was in feeding and watering (by moving my hay and water as far away from the training circle as I could).

It gets pretty boring not being able to do anything but pull weeds and grow treats (that the horse will never eat because I can't bake any cookies without a bakery) Items need to be lest costly, or there needs to be higher monetary rewards for doing things to help the game move along, otherwise the game is over at level 5.

05-16-2012, 10:47 PM
hell, can I ever agree with everything in this post.

This game is an endless circle, and a costly one. There's no income, and so many expenses. Even completing quests doesn't bring much money in..

05-17-2012, 12:31 AM
I agree, they throw quests at new players way too fast, and don't really give you much guidance for making money. Best advice I can give is to ignore every expensive quest, and use your money to buy/build composts. Those spit out 100 bucks every 15 minutes. If you have 6-8 of them, and don't spend money doing the quests, you can make money fairly quickly. Then, once you've built up some extra funds, go ahead and start doing the quests.

I have 6 composts, and since I have no social life, I'm on to collect pretty frequently. With just the 6, I've been able to afford everything I need. I do get that it's really hard at first, though, especially if you try and do everything all at one time.

So my advice from here:

-Build as many composts as you can afford right now.
-Try to check on them every 15 minutes, or as often as you can.
-Use your remaining energy to clear weeds, and if you have a little bit of spare cash, plant ONE carrot at a time (it's less expensive and takes less time than using the multiples). You can also SKIP the treat step and still get cash by sending your horse to the Petting Zoo, which will bring you 40 cash per "cycle". That should also help you fulfill your mini quests (which reward money) without making you spend any.
-When you can afford another compost, buy/build it, up to 5-6 of them.
-Once you've got 5-6 composts built and bringing in regular cash, buy the Breeding Station. Breeding your own horses only costs 100, as opposed to the thousands it costs to buy them in the shop. Your horses that are retired can still breed, so don't worry about trying to do it while they're still aging, or about sending the horse to the rainbow right when they retire. They can still make you money in the petting zoo and be useful as broodmares/studs!
-At first the horses you breed are going to retire at 8, but that's fine- they require less treats. Do the 5 Petting Zoo turns it takes until the horse is an adult (by now, you should have built up a decent supply of carrots by planting them one at a time), train 2 turns in Saddleseat, and if the horse retires at 8, that will leave you one turn to Show. Again, you can SKIP the treat step to show, as long as you click on a friend to Cheer for you.

It's a slow process, but once you get off the ground, you'll find things a lot easier, and be able to afford to expand your ranch, open up more stalls, and buy more buildings. Good luck!

05-17-2012, 11:22 PM
Thanks for the advice. I just logged in today and found that my horse is retired, and is only 4 years old! It hasn't had a chance to do any shows (because I still can't get it into the trailer)

To breed, will I need to buy another horse?

05-18-2012, 12:30 AM
Nope, as long as you have one horse and a Breeding Station, it will offer you a choice of three horses to breed with yours. The Breeding Paddock, which allows you to breed two of your own horses together, DOES require you to have one mare and one stallion, but the Breeding Station only needs one horse.