View Full Version : First Hour thoughts - Good, but run-and-gun needs work

04-09-2012, 06:22 AM
I played as assault for the first time today. I felt really soft and easily killed until I got to level 2, at which point the game became a bit easier to deal with.

The controls felt pretty good. There's good weight to the player, the guns feel okay so far (only 1 hour of play so far). The Iron sights are more of a handicap right now, due to their limited view. It seems you should get about 50% more scope area.

Situational awareness is okay, but not great. The squad line indicators actually give you a false sense of security when an enemy combatant sneaks up on you from the same direction. The camera got stuck in places that made it impossible to see when I was trying to react while locked in cover. This was typically in low cover, and not full-height cover. Cover feels okay, but not quite sticky enough when strafing. I found it really easy to just find myself strafing out of cover when I was trying to lean out instead.

Moving left and right in cover is pretty broken near edges - if you lean out to the left and then tap right you turn around and face the other way and have to pop out left again to get the camera back where you want it.

The gun is not quite accurate enough for the first burst - it feels like every burst is pretty random. In cover, there should be a bit of a stability advantage.

The lobby/store/menu is pretty frustrating to navigate. The back, cancel, etc, ****ons have no consistency and I had to look carefully each time to find them. Then the round would start and force me to go into battle in the middle of trying to customize. Off-line customization would really help here, because I could investigate options for my loadout without the time crunch.

I never felt like I knew how to find stats on any item in the loadout/store at all. The tool tips were pretty hard to trigger, if they even worked. I really had no time to figure out what anything did before the next round started, and once the servers shut down I was completely locked out.

It's not clear, when logging in, if there is one or more options for characters, or if I only get one. This is not communicated at all. I would really like to switch play types, but there was no indication where this could happen, and forcing me into rounds all the time kept me from exploring anything.

The social aspects are hard to gauge at this first hour since I really just spent time trying to learn the controls and feel.

Summary: I enjoyed the play, despite the jerks in chat who seem to think everyone should be awesome and nothing in a BETA should be broken. I look forward to another few rounds.