View Full Version : Was the wait worth it...?

03-13-2012, 01:37 AM
We'll have to wait and see for the true answer, but in my eyes it is(was), after seeing how publishers such as EA have rushed the DICE team into getting Battlefield 3 out as quick as they can and for it to be opening up like the red sea with faults and unbalancing issues i am pleased that ubisoft have taken their time with this franchise/game.

Their has'nt been a game that has been released lately that it looks like it has been well developed, games should'nt be needing patches until about 3-4 months after release and the patch should only be for minor issues or balancing.

I was let down with Battlefield 3 and i hope i'm not with this game, trailers are looking good, have'nt played a good 3rd person shooter for ages which for my liking are more fun and beautiful than FPS's so i'm counting on you UBI, the Gunsmith looks a good addition and something different, now if anyone has their opinion please share, and could someone please inform me when the ETA for a multiplayer trailer is due,

Thanks, Rob.