View Full Version : Agegate Error for last 3+ months?

03-06-2012, 02:28 PM
Ive been trying to sign up for this games BETA for months, though I believe I may already am signed up. Though I have never been able to access the (http://ghostrecononline.us.ubi.com/) website since around early Dec/Late Nov. No matter what I do this "AGE VERIFICATION - Sorry, You cannot access this site at this time" error has constantly been here.

Ive deleted cookies, cache, temp, %temp%, hell even went and removed all my prefetch, changed browsers (Been using Chrome, now using Firefox) yet still this problem has still persisted. Is there a fix anywhere? Tried google, cant say that there is much at all...

EDIT - Ive tried using the website while not logged in, and attempting to sign into the account then refresh the page. Still get the error even though my account D.O.B is correct.