View Full Version : Wii U almost out, NMH 3 on the horizon?

01-19-2012, 10:58 PM
Here is a interview with SUDA 51 at last years E3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBJyTIyFdeA

and here is just some other stuff he said in the past:

The developer sat down and chatted with Revogames (http://www.revogamers.net/entrevistas/una-kolsch-suda51-691/1.html) recently and let some details drop about what he's doing now. First and foremost for No More Heroes fans is that NMH3 is still being planned for whatever is coming after the Wii. Suda says that Nintendo's next system is of great interest to him along with the 3DS, which he won't talk too much about because he doesn't want people stealing his ideas for the handheld.

"I have good ideas that utilise the 3DS features, and they're ideas that can actually be done. But I won't give away my secrets to other game designers out there. I'm keeping quiet... I get the impression that many publishers are looking to give more prominence to the way hidden objects are collected in potential 3DS games. Traditionally, these collectable objects are used to supply the player with additional information, but with the 3DS, emphasis could be put on the physical movements you make in the process of finding these material objects."